Tuesday, October 28, 2008

On a less crazy girl note...

Well this week marked the end of the kids' soccer season since we will be out of town for their last game. Tanner has loved being the goalie and Madisen is lead striker on her team. I has been fun this season to watch them play. Tanner got the competitive bug this season and it has been fun to see him turn it on on the field. Madisen is just so cute which is what it is all about at four. The girls are like little bees hovered around a pink flower taking turns kicking it. I can't wait for next season. Although it is nice to have a break for practices every week.
This is Madisen's soccer team picture.
Aren't they cute!
Here is Tanner's team picture. They are the H-Town Rebels
What else can I say they are huge goofballs and this day 
they were especially weird.
This is Steve from Justin's team. Steve, Justin,and David(pic below)
went to high school together and are still great friends 12 years and 
5 kids between them later.
David is the team captain. He called about 8 weeks ago and asked if Justin wanted 
to play soccer and of course he said yes.
Here is my man. I wish I had the camera set tot the sports setting so that I could post
pictures of the ball actually going into the net. Justin has scored at almost every game 
and this week was no different. He scored twice this week and loves playing soccer.


Our local Fox news channel has a segment every night during their 10 o'clock broadcast called the rant. This gives people the opportunity to call in a leave a voicemail or to email their rant in and then they air some of them during this news cast. I decided that there are a few things bugging me that I can't seem to get out of my head so I am hoping that by throwing them out into cyberspace maybe I can let them go. So sorry but here it goes!

1. If you can't drive 65 miles an hour stay off the freeway. I don't leave in a hurry most of the time so that is not what this is about. I am the kind of person who would rather be 10 minutes early than 1 minute late. This is about courtesy. If your car is so old or beat up that it can't go 65 miles an hour on the freeway TAKE A SURFACE STREET! Quit Fred Flinstonein' it in the left lane of the freeway.

2. Why are we having a carnival at the schools for fall if the school is sending home notes with all of their students asking for copy paper among other school supplies be donated because we are running out of these things 8 weeks into the school year?! Come on who really cares about the stupid carnival anyway. Take the money that you are spending on dumb prizes that get thrown away the minute we walk in the door and buy school supplies with it. I know that the budget is super low and only getting cut lower again so lets be smart about where the money that we do have goes.

3. (This one's about Justin) Quit coming to bed and turning on Fox News channel even if I am already asleep. I can't take it anymore. I don't care about the cost of Sarah Palin's wardrobe. Or about Michele Obama's J Crew suit. I don't want to listen to which poll says what about who is winning or losing. For cryin' out loud I don't want this crap in my head anymore. I am dreaming about Gretta's interview on a train and Hannity and Combs arguing about who is the better candidate. Just vote and shut up already.

4. I am really sorry for Jennifer Hudson. Really I am. I know what it is like to have someone you love die unexpectedly. But what about all the other people in the country that this happens to everyday. Two yeas ago nobody would have even heard about this but because she is famous now her tragedy is more significant than Average Joe who is also suffering from there own loss. I guess I just feel bad for all the other people too not just the one's who make it onto TMZ.

So there you have it my rants. Feel free to share your own rants. in my comments. You all probably think I am nuts now.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Name and Meaning: Madisen means daughter of Matthew. But that isn't why we named her that. After she was born I was really sick. We had two names to choose from, Madisen and Kenna. My mom was had been with me all day as people came in and out to visit. She said "she really needs a name" and I told her to choose one and she said "i don't really like Kenna" I said fine and then threw up again.

 : 4 years 10 months

Nicknames : Madi Jeanne, Sassy, and bug

Favorite Activities : Singing, dancing, playing soccer

Favorite Foods: Chicken nuggets, Mac and Cheese, Brownies and ice cream

Least Favorite Foods : Anything good for you. 

Favorite Music : High School Musical, I Love To See The Temple, and Life Is A Highway by Rascal Flatts

Favorite Toys : The Pig, her name is Piggy

Favorite Book : Tails

Favorite Item of Clothing : Silky Jammies

What Makes Her Happy : Everything. Anything we do that she really likes turns into the "best day ever"

What Makes Her Sad : Not sharing, Tanner not wanting to play even though he has been dressing her dolls for her for the last hour and a half.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's official

For the past year I have loved our new ward. I got called to be a visiting teaching supervisor when we first got moved into the Arrowhead Ward and have enjoyed it. I love going to gospel doctrine, and being in Relief Society. I feel as though I had found my comfort zone. NOTICE THE PAST TENSE USED IN THE ABOVE SENTENCE. On Tuesday I got home from picking Tanner up from karate and Justin had a smirk on his face. He held up the phone and said "guess who called?"I shrugged and he said Brother Dow wanted to meet with us that night if possible. From the look on Justin's face I immediately knew that it was for me not him, he was way too relaxed. My mom was coming for dinner anyways so she stayed a few extra minutes while we went to the church. Brother Dow sat me down in the chair and called me to be the 1st counselor in the primary presidency. I reluctantly accepted and headed home where I cried for a good hour or so. Today, however, I woke up feeling better and ready to be sustained and get started. I feel very overwhelmed but sitting in that room listening to those sweet voices sing the old presidency's favorite songs I began to have a change of heart and thinking that I had better pay attention and learn whatever it is I have been put in there to learn. I am excited to get to know the sister's that I am serving with. They all seem to be ready to serve and they, unlike me, have done this before. So here I go jumping in feet first. I hope they have really big life boat for me and all my inadequacies. 

Friday, October 17, 2008

Which twilight heroine are you?

You are thoughtful and care very deeply for your family.  A loving home is of great
importance to you and you always try to make people feel welcome.  Although you have a great capacity to love, you also have a great capacity to hurt, so at times you can be
sensitive.  You're firm when you need to be, but people trust your judgment and
appreciate the kind way you always handle things.
So much to catch up on. Tanner has been on track break now for the past two weeks and he is loving it. Last weekend he went hunting with Justin for the first time ever and I was a mess!!! He was so excited. We spent a full day finding clothes warm enough to go to up the mountain in. It was really hard to find a coat in Las Vegas warm enough for the snow. Plus gloves, a scarf, and all the bright orange money could buy. He had a blast!!! They shot a small deer Sunday morning and headed home later that afternoon. Tanner had fun shooting at cans with a .22 and playing in the snow. But I think his favorite thing about the entire weekend was seeing the look on my face when me brought in the horns from the deer and told Madisen and me about the brains that were still on the underside of the horns. NASTY!!!

While the boys were gone Madisen was the princess. We went to fantastic Friday with my mom to make a magnet board for Madisen's room which she got to paint. They had a class on party planning and Madisen made out like a bandit with all the loot she brought home. They had cookies, cupcakes, flavored popcorn, and chocolate suckers. She was the only kid there and so super cute she took home one or two of everything. We went shopping where she bought new dresses, jeans shoes, and a few shirts. I know, she's very spoiled. But the weather did turn cold for a few days so it was time to update the wardrobe. Both my kids sprouted up this past year so they had no clothes. We even went to get ice cream on Saturday when the high temperature was 53 degrees. 

Madisen is thriving in school. She comes home everyday with a new song about a different shape color and number. This past week was the color brown and the shape trapezoid. She started to sing the trapezoid song in the car yesterday and it cracked Justin and I up because we never thought that our 4 year old would ever say trapezoid. It was really funny. She knows how to write about 10-12 letters and knows their sounds. She is gonna be so far ahead in kindergarten. Her teachers are great and she is growing more responsible everyday. She has always been the baby and she is growing up so much and I love to see her thrive. 

Tanner is getting so much one on one time and he loves it. He gets to go lunch with Justin and me, he loves the grocery store because he gets to pick dinner which I love because then I don't have to plan dinner. Tonight we went to the mall to buy a few more clothes for the colder months and Tanner got to climb the rock wall at Dick's Sporting Goods. He has been asking for about a year to climb it and was so happy that it was open tonight. He is so responsible especially when it comes to helping Madisen. He will get her breakfast in the morning if we are running late. He helps her pick her clothes and get her shoes on and he checks her backpack everyday to make sure I haven't forgotten to put her lunch in there. He is the best big brother and she adores him. Nothing in the world could make me more happy than to watch my kids love each other.

Well that about wraps it up here. I am off to tuck my kids into bed and crash myself. 

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Well in case you were wondering what happened to me I will tell you. Tanner started track break on Friday. We have been so busy since then that this is the first second I have had to post anything on my blog so get ready for update overload.

Friday we were busy setting up for a surprise party for my dear friend Kelli who turned 30! It was so fun. We had lots of food and a chocolate fountain, several different cakes and my kids spent the night at my moms. Quick funny story from that night...Friday morning we hired window washers to come and wash the inside, outside, and all the screens. With fake grass now in our backyard we decided it would be worth it to hire someone to get the hard water and calcium off the windows since everything I tried hadn't worked. Well they did a great job, so great in fact that three different people actually walked into the sliding glass door when heading into the house. It was so funny!!! But the best part is that the second and third person to walk into the door had laughed at the person or people that had done it before them.

Saturday as you all know is soccer Saturday at our house. We literally spend that entire day at the soccer field watching the kids. It is exhausting. But last Saturday was also Art in the Park in Boulder City which I have been going to since I was 12 years old. I don't think I have ever missed one except maybe when I was living Salt Lake City. Even then I probably drove home for the weekend to go. Anyway, Justin being the wonderful man that he is did soccer Saturday all alone. Both games, both kids. Back and forth to the soccer fields so that I could go to Art in the Park with my mom and sister. 

Sunday we spent the day with the kids watching what conference we could hear between the mom I'm hungries and the play with me's, and the watch what I can do's. The kids played outside long enough for me to hear President Monson speak and then it was back to "mom" blah blah blah after that. That is what the pictures are from above, there adventures in the backyard on Sunday morning.

Monday started the preparations for Justin's hunting trip for the weekend. Now are you thinking why would this take all week. Well I will tell you. Tanner is going with him for the first time and I am freaking out!!! On top of my normal crazy mom things, the weather is suppose to be freezing. We had to find a coat and hat and gloves. Jeans, boots, snacks and since Tanner couldn't wait we through in the search for a Halloween costume as well. But tomorrow they leave Madisen goes to school and may hit the spa for a massage.

One a personal note I started going to jazzercise about six weeks ago two days a week. It was kicking my booty up until about two weeks ago when I decided that I was going to start going four days a week in stead of just two. This was my first week of all four classes and I am so sore. But with pain comes reward, I have lost alot of weight in the past eight weeks and am working hard to loose the last 15-20 pounds. i can't wait to reach my goal and eat ice cream again. In moderation of course.