Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mexican Riviera Carnival Cruise

We got home from our 8 day Mexican Riviera cruise on November 12th and yes I am just now getting to updating you all on it. We boarded the Spirit on November 4th in San Diego California. The ship set sail that afternoon about 4pm and we headed south to Acapulco, Mexico. The kids were excited to get checked into the Fun House,which is the kids program in the cruise, and meet their counselors. That evening we met our dinner servers, Iliham and Yoga both from Indonesia.   
On the second night of the cruise was the first of two formal nights. We had a fun getting dressed up and using our "fancy manners" at dinner. We got some great pictures and as soon as they could the kids changed into their jammies and headed off to the Fun House pajama party.

Madisen and Me on Formal Night

Here is Tanner in Acapulco waiting for the boat to be docked and cleared so we could get off and go exploring. We got a Taxi and went to the flee market where Madisen picked bongos and Tanner picked a puppet. We then went to the restaurant where we watched the cliff divers and ate rolled tacos, chips and salsa, guacamole, and Madisen had a hamburger with a pout. She really wanted the chips and salsa but once reminded that she would be sick she sucked it up and ate the hamburger. The cliff divers were awesome. We had such and great day just hanging out with the kids and teaching them first had about how fortunate we are.
This is Tanner in Acapulco.

Before embarking on our cruise we booked only one excursion in Ixtapa, Mexico. The kids had been waiting for months for this day. We got off the boat and had a hour to kill so we rented a jet ski for a half an hour. Justin loaded the kids on and off they went they circled around the cruise ship, jumped a few waves and came back to shore. Next we were off to Delphina where we went swimming with Chado the Dolphin!!! It was so cool. We were in the water for about 45 minutes with the dolphin. Chado was swimming around the group so the kids could pet him and then they got one on one interaction with him. It was the best day ever!   

We got home and started unpacking all the dirty clothes, wet swim suits and wonderful memories that will stay with us forever. We are already looking for our next vacation spot. We feel so grateful to have the opportunity to teach our children about different parts of the world and customs. But most of all we are so blessed to have each other and for the time we send together whether we are watching a movie at home, cheering each other on at the soccer field or vacationing somewhere fun. 

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I feel like Halloween has been going on for a week. And for those of you who know me this is not a good thing. Since I can remember I have hated Halloween. I think it rubbed off from my mom. When we moved to Las Vegas and my mom got a job with the docs she still currently works for we started going to Disneyland on Halloween. The docs would pay for the hotel and admission into the park. It was the best thing ever. No costumes or trick or treating just good family fun at the happiest place on earth. Last year was the first time we didn't go and then again this year. Last year we were on the Disney Cruise and this year we are leaving for an eight day cruise to Mexico so we stayed home to do Halloween. SO here is a run down of our week.

Monday- Pumpkin Patch
We went to the pumpkin patch for FHE and happened upon some of the kids' cousins. So they did the trampoline where Madisen did three backwards flips and Tanner did none. So Madisen thinks she is so cool. We got two pumpkins and then ate dinner at Pei Wei.
Our family
Madisen on the trampoline
Tanner as the human slingshot
Tanner and Madisen on the huge slide which they did three times

Tuesday we went to Trunk of Treat with my moms ward. We did this for two reasons. First Tanner was going to be at Disneyland with my mom for Halloween and second because my kids have been on track break and were driving me nuts. This was a great way to bribe them to be good while we were shopping for last minute things for the cruise.
Madisen the pretty little witch
Tanner was a ninja

Wednesday we carved pumpkins which I don't have pictures of because the camera was a Justin's office. But they were so cool. Madisen chose for me to carve her Sleeping Beauty and Tanner's was a gravestone with creepy hands reaching up to grab it. After that we took Tanner over to my mom's to spend the night because they were leaving early for Disneyland. 

Thursday was a girls day since Tanner was gone an Madisen was sad. We spent all afternoon shopping and eating and looking at all the girly things we could find. That evening we went to Red Robin for dinner and Madisen was happy to get a chocolate shake. She got to go to bed late and even got to sleep in my bed when she wandered in around 1am. Usually I take her back to her room and tuck her in again.

Halloween Night
Madisen in the back of the truck handing out candy.
Friday was Madisen's big day. She had the hardest time waiting for trick or treat to start. We went to the church around 5:30 where her cousin's came to trunk or treat with us. Justin had spent the whole afternoon with the elders setting up a spook ally and a haunted house which seemed to be a hit. Kids were screaming and laughing all night long as they went through them again and again. Madisen opted not to go in since she gets scared. She satin the back of a truck with a few other girls and handed out candy all night long. We visited some friends and ended the night at the Del Taco drive thru.