Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Catching the Christmas SpiritFun

At Christmas time we always go to The Magical Forest with our friends the Furber's and the Zyla's. This year was no different. We had dinner at Red Robin and then headed over to walk through the Magical Forest of trees and ride the train. The kids love it and as long as they do we will continue to go.
Tanner eating a giant lollipop.
Cute Madisen posing it up for the camera!
The kids were making faces in a large ornament and this is what they looked like in the reflection. It was hysterical.
Family picture

After two years we headed back to Disneyland to see if we, Justin and I, couldn't get out of our funk and get a little more "Christmasy." Turns out that was just what we needed. We had a a blast!!! I really missed that place. Madisen and Tanner were both tall enough to get on every ride and they did. Tanner was really nervous about riding the California Screamer roller coaster but was giving the "rock on" sign as we exited and was mad that the line was so long and we only rode it once. Madisen rode Indian Jones for the first time as well with he eyes squeezed shut. We were able to meet up with some friends and just had a very laid back relaxing few days with the kids!!! Merry Christmas!!!
The kids were so excited to talk to Jack and Sally. The conversation was way cute and went like this...
Jack: What are you asking Sandy Claws to bring you for Christmas?
Tanner: A DSI XL
Sally: OOO
Jack: I don't even know what that is
Sally: Me either but it has a lot of letters.
Sally to Madisen: What would you like?
Madisen: A vanity?
Sally: May I come over to do my hair with you?
Madisen: Yes I will have my mom give you our address.

Our favorite spot in the park...the CHURRO STAND
Madisen got to stand in line to meet Tinkerbell and Tanner was having nothing to do with it.
My sweet silly kids, so glad they love each other.
Day one Madisen rode the roller coaster while Tanner need a little more time to decide if he wanted on or not. So I have pictures of her riding not Tanner because when Tanner rode the next day I was on it with him.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Family Pictures

I have never been so happy with family pictures as I am with these! My kids were so good since we were outside and they were able to explore a little as we shot with our photographer, Cheryl Snow. We had such a fun day and I can't wait to get these hung on the wall.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Flag Football

Tanner turned up the speed to score three touchdowns in the playoffs. I don't know who was more excited him or me!!!

This is maybe my favorite picture form the whole season. The boys were so upset when they lost the last game but even through the tears Tanner was smiling as his coach gave them the "hole your heads up pep talk."

This season Tanner decided to give flag football a try and really liked it. It was a huge commitment and all though some days he didn't want to put in the practice it was worth it in the end because they had a great season. It was so fun to watch them play too! The day of playoffs started at 7:30am. Tanner scored 2 touchdowns and they advanced to the next level playing at 11:30. We won that game which was exciting since this was the game that pushed them into the finals. They were up against the Titans who were undefeated and who thought they had it in the bag to win our little underdogs. Tanner scored a touchdown in this game but sadly we lost by 3 points placing the team 2nd in their divisions. The boys played hard all season and had a blast too. Their coaches were awesome and made the season enjoyable for the kids and parents alike. Great season Bengals!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What did you do Friday night?

Our plan was to go to dinner and a movie but after dinner we didn't really want to go sit through a movie. We first tried a little shopping but with all the punk teenagers running rampant through Town Square we got annoyed and left with a plan to see a later movie. Somehow the conversation changed to this. We made a quick trip to Costco to buy the supplies needed to plastic wrap Dan's truck. After we finished the boys really wanted to see his reaction so instead of waiting until the next morning to get a phone call Justin called Dan making up a story about loosing his key to my car in his truck the night before and out he came. Dan was so happy that his truck was wrapped up tight and he got to see his boys. It was so much fun!!! Oh to be fifteen again....

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"X" marks the spot!

The following is the account of what happened in Tanner's own word.
"I was doing a stunt on my bike and was riding down the dirt hill as fast as I can. I hit a rock and went flying off my bike."
I think it's hilarious that he was "doing a stunt!!!"

Fall fun

Everyone knows Halloween is no my thing but this year I tried really hard to have a better attitude about it and it lasted right up until we were about half way done trick or treating Halloween night. As posted in a previous post we made Halloween lanyards, carved pumpkins, went to trunk or treat at the church and even did trick or treating Halloween night.

Pumpkin carving this year was a lot more fun than work because the kids are getting older. They helped clean them out and picked how they wanted them be carved. Justin helped Madisen while Tanner and I worked on his. He punched out the holes and I did the actual carving. Madisen gave words of encouragement to Justin as he patiently carved hers out and them she took all the credit for how awesome it turned out.
Madisen's pumpkin
Tanner's pumpkins
The fact that I didn't have to go to a store to buy the kids costumes this year helped keep my attitude in check. I wanted Madisen to be the cute Mad Hatter last year and she was not interested. So when I suggested it this year and she immediately agreed that it was a great costume was fantastic. She looked so cute! Tanner's costume was a little more complicated than Madisen's. He is getting to the age where he wants something gross and bloody and I draw the line at that. When he finally decided on Prince Caspian finding one was difficult since it was last years "it" costume. I tracked one down 10 days before before Halloween and it arrived at the house just a couple days before his big party at school.

Halloween night getting ready to trick or treat with our friends.
The cutest kids out trick or treating Halloween night
Last but not least...after a few hours Tanner had had it with the itchy knight costume but still wanted to go with his cousins around grandma's neighborhood. So Justin gave him his funky teeth and wig and off he went as "the black hoodie puncher", which is really funny to our family who knows the back story behind the phrase "black hoodie puncher."

So here's to surviving another Halloween and to planning a party at a friends house for next year!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The other night Justin and I drove separate cars to a family party and the kids split between us on the way home with Madisen riding with Justin. I pulled into the garage right after Justin pulled up and Madisen got of the car. I always pull in and put the car in reverse to use the backup camera to make sure I'm all the way in and this is what showed up on my backup screen. It was so funny I couldn't stop laughing.
Tanner in the backup camera.
Madisen in the backup camera

Friday, October 22, 2010


I made snickerdoodle cupcakes with a carmel buttercream frosting yesterday and posted about it on facebook. I had several people ask me for the recipe and since I don't want to post the recipe on my blog and get in trouble for calling something mine that isn't I've posted the website that the recipe's came form instead. They were really good and I hope you all like them too.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Craft night with the kids

I only have pictures of the finished project not the process since my hands were covered in paint. After school we went to Hobby Lobby to get supplies to make our halloween luminaries that my sister said were so fun and easy that even I couldn't screw them up. I invited a friend nd her little boy to come make one too. The kids had a blast playing and as you can see they did theirs without any intervention from me, the total control freak! Tanner made the orange pumpkin and the non-striped ghost. Madisen's are the striped ghost and she painted a little of the green goblin and quickly got distracted. I, saved/finished the green goblin and saved/finished the purple goblin as well. The pictures suck because my camera is in the car which Justin is driving tonight.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tanner...when did you grow up?

Tanner...where do I start? He is the light of my life and cute to boot. He started 4th grade this year and thinks he is so cool because he gets to play on the bigger playground now. His favorite thing at school is P.E. and his least favorite is art. He turned 9 a few weeks ago and we took him and some friends to Pole Position Raceway to celebrate. (actually we felt like crap parents because we were in Puerto Rico for his actual birthday so we bought his love and affection with a super awesome birthday party prior to going.) It was a blast the kids were so cute. I have never seen them so serious in my life. They drove with white knuckles clutching tight to the wheels and straight faces and exploded with excitement as they exited the course. Lastly for Tanner he is playing flag football this season instead for soccer. He seems to really like it. He plays offense and is actually pretty good. Being fast on his feet and little seems to be working to his advantage.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just a handful

I don't have enough time right now to tell you all about our trip to Puerto Rico. I will post details later. Here are just a handful of my favorite shots.
Justin and Jenessa
In the rainforest
The city after it rained. It was so clear and beautiful!

My friend Mary has almost this same picture from her trip to Puerto Rico and I love it.

Entering the main shooting area at the Castillo San Felipe del Morro fort.