Thursday, January 26, 2012

Skipping ahead since my pictures won't download to my computer

Well...Christmas and New Years did happen even if there is no evidence of it on my blog. It was great and we, as usual, didn't make any resolutions so not much to talk about any way.

This week has been an interesting one. First I feel as though the kids only go to school part time any more since they have had 4 day weeks the last couple of weeks and following their long weekends they have missed a couple of days because of illness. I guess it's just been weird so I thought I'd mention it.

Following all this weird school nonattendance Madisen got her tonsils and adenoids removed a couple of days ago and despite my preparations for a miserable child she had done awesome.
Waiting to go back she was nervous but her doctor and nurse and anesthesiologist were fantastic putting her at ease. It a was time to go to the OR and I went to take Piggy from her and the nurse let her keep her with her so that helped too.
After getting home she wouldn't sleep but ate ice chips and ice cream and Popsicles all afternoon which was what she had been excited for for months. She's doing great and hopefully she will continue to recover quickly and get back to school. Only a few days at home and she's ready to get back to her friends.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wow I need to catch up

So below are pictures of us to get everyone caught up on what we've been up to. I'm going to be better at keeping this blog updated.
Disneyland in October. Not many pictures but we had a blast
Tanner turned "a decade old" in September. He got a cell phone and a gun. So mom's freaking out he's so big and Dad is awesome for talking mom into both gifts.

Above, Tanner's first day of 5ht grade and below is Madisen's first day of 2nd grade.

Halloween isn't my favorite but I even got into the fun of dressing up.
Our Skeleton Gangster
Madisen picked this out. We are not sure what it is but she looked cute and really grown up.
The kids on Thanksgiving
Last but not least is Tanner playing flag football. He did so well this season and absolutely loves it. Next season he's off to tackle football which I hate.