Saturday, July 17, 2010

Beat the heat

I have been looking for a real shaved ice place here in the valley for the past two summer's and I happened upon the Purple Penguin about a month ago. It is the real deal and the service is great. So stop by and relive your childhood, or mine, with a snocone today.

It is located in the shell station parking lot on the corner of Horizon Ridge and Arroyo Grande

Super Surprised!

I never thought that Justin would ever organize anything for my birthday. It's so busy at work that usually it comes and goes with a last minute cake and ice cream with family which is always great. This year however he out did himself after some "encouragement" from my wonderful friends. Rachel and Erica told me they wanted to take me out on the 5th because they were going to be out of town on the 11th. I thought that would be perfect since my mom had called the day before to see if the kids wanted to go see Toy Story 3 with her about the same time we would be leaving. Justin would pick them up from her house when he was headed home from dinner with his boys. They picked me up around 5 and we went to the Fashion Show Mall since we never get over there with our kids and we thought it would be fun to go some where different. We shopped for about an hour and then Rachel said she had made reservations at Maggiano's. We headed up to check in. This is when things got a little strange. Rachel walked up to the desk and said, "we are three girls here for DeMille." I thought why does he care that we are girls and why is the reservation under my last name? They walked us over to a booth that wasn't fully set up yet and we stood there a minute and then they sent us back to the front desk where we stood there looking a the pictures that Erica was very interested in. (Weird!!) That was when another waiter came over and said' "Ladies your room in this way." Erica and Rachel take off nearly running while I am left chasing them down asking, "what room?" Yep there were the Rollin's, Boehrer's, Terry's and the Weaver's for my surprise party. There were personalized menu's on the table, balloons and the most perfect cake! The food was awesome as usual at Maggiano's and the company and conversation was fantastic!!! Thanks to all of you who came and who helped Justin get everything organized. It was so much fun. I couldn't ask for better friends!!!
Yep that is my own menu!
All my fantastic friends
The cake from Freed's bakery. Erica picked it out so thank you is was so perfect and delicious!
Kaylene, Me, Lesile(standing), Erica and Rachel

Sorry the pictures are just ok. Justin had the camera all night.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Pyro Fever

Sticking with my summer fever theme, it's hit us again! Justin and Matt have had this "pyro fever" for a few years now and I think it may be genetic because Tanner seems to have been born with it. And it is extremely contagious especially among males. Symptoms include a: 1.heightened interested, to the point of obsession with fireworks.
2. the inability to think rationally around fireworks.
3. the loss of all common sense or awareness of a budget while shopping for fireworks.
4. the urge to hold a welding torch as if his hand will actually fall off if you put it down when fireworks are within 50 miles of the patient.
5. Lastly, a huge case of Peter Pan syndrome that last until the last firework is set off. This one however has consequences of it's own. Watch carefully for the repeated jumping up and down immediately following their show followed by a sadness that can only be consoled by the promise that the 3rd of July will come around next year!
(To view a short video of the show click on the weaver writes link on my blog list at the left.)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

We've got a fever!

It first started a few weeks ago...about the same time as the start of World Cup Soccer!!! Justin has had the games on in the office as he is at work in the back round. His friend Matt is just as crazy excited about it as Justin, so when the U.S. team advanced the excitement grew bigger and bigger. So Saturday our two families came together to watch the U.S. play Ghana. Below are a few pictures of the festivities. Too bad we lost!
Matt and Justin
As the national anthem started to play the kids lined up like the U.S. team does. Aren't they so cute?!
Justin and Matt celebrating the one and only U.S. team

Next came a fever that only seemed to hit me and that one was caused by
I tried to do the same thing as last year by reserving the front row at the Fiesta but was told that they were all sold out. So I remembered a friend telling me about her family reserving an entire theatre at the Rave so I thought, why not? We started our night out at Cheesecake Factory then headed over to the theatre to watch the third movie in the Twilight series. It was so fun!!! Really what more could you want? Thirty something mom's, drinks, popcorn, Robert Pattenson, and Taylor Lautner with his shirt off most of the movie!!! Can't wait until next time.
Lt to RT- Erica, Rachel, Jeffery, Me, Tanner, Lauren, and Cristen at Cheesecake Factory
Erica and me with our two boys.
Our private theatre
Tanner at about 2:45am on the way home after a very long night.