Monday, September 29, 2008

Madisen's funny weekend

Saturday we got a babysitter to go to the UNLV/UNR game. Alexa was babysitting and my kids were so excited. I am only telling you this to set up the conversation that came later with Madisen. Justin asked what Alexa's brother's name was and then what another friend of theirs kids were named and they are Troy and Rhianna. Anyway none of this really matter's except that Madisen then said 
Madi- "Troy is in High school Musical."
Mom- "Yes he is"
Madisen-"I wonder if Troy knows how to sing Getcha ya Head in the Game?"
Mom- "I doubt it." 
Madisen-" I'm gonna ask him next time I see him. " 
Mom "OK"
So today if we see him after school I am interested to she if she really does ask Troy in our ward if he knows and will sing "Getcha ya Head in the Game." 

Next day was Sunday and we were running late to church. we get out of the car and Justin says he will take the kids to primary if I go and get a seat in class. Madisen runs up to grab my hand and sit with me in sacrament meeting and Justin tells her we are just going to primary and she joyfully exclaims, "Tanner we aren't going to the reverent and sit still room today. This is the best day ever!!! Mom did you hear that no reverent room today. This really is the best day ever!"  Tanner just rolls his eyes and tells her to be quite please.

Friday, September 26, 2008

A protective hand

                                                              Matthew and Laruen Pender  

When Madisen was born my mom bought Tanner a doll so that he would have his baby to take care of. When he came to the hospital to meet his new little sister we gave him the doll and told him that he could name her whatever he wanted and he chose to name the doll Madisen. He put the doll down held and loved his new baby sister for a few minutes and then left with Daddy and doll Madisen for the night. A few days later I came home from the hospital and brought Madisen in the house took her out of her car seat and held her in my lap to feed her. Tanner came in and asked what I was doing and I told him feeding Madisen. I asked if he wanted to hold the bottle and he disappeared into the other room. When he returned he was holding the doll and said, "No Mommy this is Madisen you take that back."  I thought I was going to have a hard time with this new adjustment in his life but after a quick explanation he accepted the fact that she was here to stay and has loved her ever since. In the pictures you will notice how protective he is of her. I love that. He will come and save her from big, mean mom whenever she is getting in trouble and is the first to her side if she gets hurt. He is her best friend and she is his. There is nothing that is more precious to me than that relationship. 

My baby brother turns 25 tomorrow and lives in Florida right now. I miss him and his sweet wife terribly. My kids talk about them everyday and can't wait until they come to visit. Although growing up we had a difficult relationship I love the man he has grown up to be. I treasure our friendship and am grateful for it, especially since I didn't know we would ever really be friends growing up. I have alway felt very protective of him and now he is all grown up and doing the protecting. I am so happy that he found Lauren who we adore. She is the best thing that ever happened to him and we couldn't have sculpted a better eternal companion for him. Thank you Lauren for loving Matthew. We know that is a full time job!! Happy Birthday baby brother!!! We Love you and miss you!!! Come see us soon.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bobbing for Apples, Really?!

For Tanner's birthday party this year he had a hard time grasping that we weren't going to do a big expensive party with all his friends. We did that last year and it was fun but we decided that it wouldn't be an every year thing. Once he finally came to terms with this he came to me and said "Can I at least invite Scott and bob for apples?" I thought for a minute and replied sure, while thinking "bob for apples, really that is so random." This conversation took place about 4 weeks before his birthday so I thought for sure he would forget about the bobbing for apples. But sure enough the day before his party he asked if I was prepared for bobbing for apples. Which of course I was not. I ran out bought a container, which I needed anyway, and some apples. I got home and about 20 minutes before all his cousins were suppose to get her I thought do all apples float? So I did a quick test in the sink and yes they do all float. I gathered all the kids in the backyard and they bobbed for apples and it was hilarious!!! Who would have thought that watching our kids stick their heads in a bucket full of water and apple would be so entertaining. Madisen would barely put her face in, Tanner had his whole body in the bucket, as did all the other boys and my niece Sterling used just her teeth and grabbed one by the stem managing to stay dry and get an apple. SO if you thought the time old tradition of bobbing for apples was long gone just know it was kept alive in our home for Tanner's 7th birthday!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Today was church

Today was the primary program at church and my kids were adorable! Now I know that I think that simply because they are mine and I'm not saying that there weren't other kids that were cute, but mine took the cake. For one Madisen is a Sunbeam and that alone makes her cute. They sit on the front row and can't be still despite how hard they are trying. But the Sunbeams didn't have individual parts this year. They sang the first verse of " I Love To See The Temple" which would have made me cry regardless but Madisen was the only one to sing and the microphone was right in front of her. I cried like a baby to hear those sweet, simple words coming from my baby girl with such purity. My heart melted and so did my make up. Next up was Tanner who got up after the 11 year old boys sang "Called To Serve" and each of the boys in his class were given a one liner about how they can be or prepare to be a missionary now. Tanner was having a hard time remembering the first word to his part so I wrote it on his hand at the last minute. As he stood in line waiting for his turn at the microphone I could see him looking at his hand a mouthing the word "living" so as to not forget "living the gospel standards will help me be a missionary now." As soon as he was done he looked at me as if we had this huge secret as to how he did it perfectly. I was so proud of them and all the children in our ward. They brought such a wonderful sweet powerful spirit today and we are all better for being there and feeling there testimonies.

Then as I went to Relief Society I felt so good. I got my cry out and was ready to sit and listen to the lesson. But the flood gates flew open as for our music appreciation song we sang "If I Could Hie To Kolob." Now you would think with my Dad and brother living in heaven this would be a hard song for me to sing but that isn't why it was hard and I actually had to leave the room. Normally this is a very uplifting and inspiring song that gives be renewed strength to try hard to live with them in heaven but this past July a my very dear friend, named Sean, died at the age of 29 when despite his best efforts and all our prayers his body lost it's battle with cancer. He was sick for a very long time, so long in fact that he planned is own funeral. He picked the speakers, music and even some of the flowers had special meanings. His closing song was "If I Could Hie To Kolob." This was his last testimony to all of us that love him who are left behind to miss him here on earth. Every time I think of that song now I think of him and miss him and remember some of his last words he spoke here on earth. Every time someone would come into his room those last few days he would ask how they were doing. Here he is, probably in a considerable amount of pain worried about everyone else. His dad replied that he was fine and asked how Sean was doing, he said "Dad I'm great. I know who I am. I know where I am going and I know I am worthy to go there." There is no better testimony to give than that. He lived his life worthy to live with our Savior Jesus Christ and he knew it.

I feel so blessed today to have felt the spirit and testimony of those worthy to live with our Father in Heaven. I hope that we will all strive to be more like our children with there simple testimonies and pure hearts. Wiggles and all!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

9 years and eternity to go

September 18, 1999 was the best day of my life. Justin and I were married in the Las Vegas Nevada Temple for all time and eternity nine years ago today. Planning the wedding, as I recall, was quite easy. We didn't fight. I don't remember crying or turning into any sort of bridezilla. Mom and I got along throughout the entire process. The only thing I remember having a problem with was finding the last bridesmaid dress since we bought them at Ross. We drove to four different stores here is town in the dead of summer and ended up at the first store to look one more time just incase we missed it the first time which we had. The shoes they wore looked awesome in the picture but weren't very comfortable but the girls wore them as long as necessary without complaints and really who can complain when they were only five dollars a pair. The day before we set up  the reception and the next day got up early got my hair done drove to the temple, dressed and waited for the sealer to call us in to be sealed. Justin being a nervous person was pacing back and forth back and forth back and forth. They finally came to get us and Justin said, Let's just do this."  I know romantic right. But what matter's is that we were married that day in front of family and friends and angels in the right place for eternity.

We have never been happier than we are right now. As we sat the other day and watched the kids play in the backyard we both looked at each other and said the same thing . Life is so good. It's like that song on my playlist "The Riddle" by The Fray. "There's a reason for the world you and I". That is how we feel. We may not show it all the time like others but that is how it is.  

Sunday, September 14, 2008

What's in a name

Pea posted a comment about my blog name keepin it cool so I decided to explain myself. I guess for those of you who know me personally the first reason would be obvious, we own an air conditioning and heating company. A few days after Madisen was born Justin tested for his contractors license with the intention of open our new business  in May when it got hot. A few weeks after that, that being after Madisen was born in February, the slowest time of the year for AC companies he came home and told me not to panic but he had quit his job and everything was going to be okay. I had to "keep my cool" and pretend that I was totally fine with this and we were going to be just fine while I was really freaking out. I had two tiny kids to feed, diaper's, formula, clothes, food, a mortgage. I was not cool. But for the sake of everyone around me I "kept my cool" and today we have been so blessed and have a very successful business.

Another reason for the name is because I love the fall. As in the season. I love the cool weather. Not cold just cool. I love to wear jeans and boots and sweaters and eat soup. I love pumpkins and bails of hay, soccer season, Thanksgiving, shopping the day after Thanksgiving. But most of all I love it when the weather cools down after a very hot, very busy, very profitable summer and I am no longer a summer widow. I love to get my husband back.

Last but not least, I am working very hard at keeping my cool when it comes to my kids. Everyday is a struggle. I like things neat and clean and in there place. I have a list of things to do and don't get in my way while I do them. Then I had two kids. Everything changes. Laundry sits on the couch until the end of the day sometimes instead of being folded immediately after coming out of the dryer. Dishes get left in the sink. Beds are not made in the morning. These things use to consume my thoughts and actions until they were done until a two year old little boy said "Mommy how come you never play with me?" It broke my heart. So four years ago I started to change. I play more. Now there comes a time in the day where my type A personality takes over and things have to get clean and done but I play more. I scream less, and hopefully I am the "cool" mom when it counts.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Soccer Saturday

Well another week had gone by and we are facing another busy Saturday. Don't get me wrong this is one of the best things we as parents get to do. Tanner has been playing soccer now for three years which gives him 6 seasons. this year, however, is a bit different. HE WANTS THE BALL!!! Finally. He his going for it. He want to score or play goalie so the other team can't score. It's awesome. He has always just stood back and kicked the ball when he had to but this season he is all over the place. He did great last week in there first game defending the goal three times and almost scoring once. We one 2-1.

Madisen is a different story altogether. Your see when you are four and on a team of all girls it is first about how cute you are. Next it is about the cheer you do before you start and end the game. Last it is about playing soccer. When they weren't high 5-ing  each other she scored 4 goals and we won that game 11-4.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seven years ago...

It is 4:30 am and I am getting the last of my things in the car and heading to the hospital to have a baby. It is September 11, 2001. As we were sitting in the waiting room, well I was sitting Justin was pacing, we were watching the local news. The weather was beautiful for that time of year. Traffic was running smoothly with no delays... the nurse calls my name just as the breaking news icon flashes across the screen of the T.V. In the back I change into a gown get hooked up  to IV's drink that really nasty shot of crap they give me in case I have acid in my stomach. Yeah right I am starving!!! I have to pee like crazy because of all the fluids they keep running through my IV. Finally my Mom shows up. Justin is still pacing all this time. My best friend for the day, you know the guy with all the great drugs show up and gives me a shot of Demerol and hurries me to the delivery room where I get my spinal block and lie down for the doctors to do all the work and delivery my baby. A few minutes later Tanner Michael is born 8lbs. 8oz.  21 inches long and not crying. I freak out. He is however doing great just quiet. 

With all this going on the nurses and doctors and even my mom and Justin are whispering in the corners of the room. I start to wonder if something is wrong with the baby or me. Where there complications from the medicine I had to take that they didn't see? His Tanner's heart rate okay? Is my blood pressure and heart rate good? Everyone kept telling me everything with me and the baby was great. But there was still something I could figure out going on. 

Later that night after all the visitors had gone home and things had settled down Justin turned on the T.V. and I found out what had happened in New York, at the Pentagon and on United Flight 93. Every year I am so greatful as I celebrate another year with my sweet boy for all of the soilders fighting to keep him and all of us safe and our freedoms intacted in this country. When I think of all the hours Jusitn works and all the little things that he misses out on on a day to day basis it makes me so thankful for the sacrifice these men and women make spending months away from the ones they love to serve my family. I could never put into words the emotions I feel when I think of their sacrifice. So today and everyday lets keep them in our hearts and prays.  

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stay at home Mom?

I will start out the same as everyone else and introduce myself and my family since that is what I do all day is a take care of my family. I am Jenessa a stay at home mom of two great kids Tanner and Madisen and wife to a husband named Justin. Now as you read above I typed stay at home mom which any of you with kids know that is not usually the case. Who actually gets to stay at home? We have soccer, two different teams with two different practices days and times. Karate twice and week. Softball games for my husband twice and week and soccer for my husband. Jazzercise for me twice a week not to mention all the chores and grocery shopping and class projects and blah blah blah that comes up everyday. So I think that someone more creative than me should give us stay at home moms a new more glamorous name.