Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Catching the Christmas SpiritFun

At Christmas time we always go to The Magical Forest with our friends the Furber's and the Zyla's. This year was no different. We had dinner at Red Robin and then headed over to walk through the Magical Forest of trees and ride the train. The kids love it and as long as they do we will continue to go.
Tanner eating a giant lollipop.
Cute Madisen posing it up for the camera!
The kids were making faces in a large ornament and this is what they looked like in the reflection. It was hysterical.
Family picture

After two years we headed back to Disneyland to see if we, Justin and I, couldn't get out of our funk and get a little more "Christmasy." Turns out that was just what we needed. We had a a blast!!! I really missed that place. Madisen and Tanner were both tall enough to get on every ride and they did. Tanner was really nervous about riding the California Screamer roller coaster but was giving the "rock on" sign as we exited and was mad that the line was so long and we only rode it once. Madisen rode Indian Jones for the first time as well with he eyes squeezed shut. We were able to meet up with some friends and just had a very laid back relaxing few days with the kids!!! Merry Christmas!!!
The kids were so excited to talk to Jack and Sally. The conversation was way cute and went like this...
Jack: What are you asking Sandy Claws to bring you for Christmas?
Tanner: A DSI XL
Sally: OOO
Jack: I don't even know what that is
Sally: Me either but it has a lot of letters.
Sally to Madisen: What would you like?
Madisen: A vanity?
Sally: May I come over to do my hair with you?
Madisen: Yes I will have my mom give you our address.

Our favorite spot in the park...the CHURRO STAND
Madisen got to stand in line to meet Tinkerbell and Tanner was having nothing to do with it.
My sweet silly kids, so glad they love each other.
Day one Madisen rode the roller coaster while Tanner need a little more time to decide if he wanted on or not. So I have pictures of her riding not Tanner because when Tanner rode the next day I was on it with him.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Family Pictures

I have never been so happy with family pictures as I am with these! My kids were so good since we were outside and they were able to explore a little as we shot with our photographer, Cheryl Snow. We had such a fun day and I can't wait to get these hung on the wall.