Friday, March 26, 2010

My 100th post!

100. My middle name is Dawn.
99. I love my jazzercise instructor.
98. Winter in my favorite time of year.
97. The year I graduated from high school.
96. My favorite color is purple.
95. I say the word pissed even though I know it bugs my mom.
94. I love the rice for El Torito. (a restaurant near our house)
93. My bike is purple.
92. My eyes are brown like my Dad's.
91. I want to skydive but only in Hawaii where it would be worth it.
90. I hate my floor plan in my house.
89. I'm grateful for my house even though I hate my floor plan.
88. I want a weekend car.
87. I would repaint my house every year just for the change.
86. I have one crooked tooth that bugs the crap out of me.
85. I am obsessed with having clean floors.
84. Cap'n Crunch is my treat when I'm on a diet.
83. I hate going to the dentist!!!
82. I hate getting my teeth cleaned!!!
81. I use to hate my nose until I realized it looks just like my Dad's. Now I hope nothing ever happens to it.
80. I have a big forehead.
79. The year I was born.
78. I love boots.
77. In high school I was the girl who was going to have 6 kids in 6 years! YIKES!!!
76. I fell in love with Justin at first sight!
75. I was in President Hinkley's ward while he was prophet. Although I never met him.
74. I think this is very hard.
73. I lived in 15 different places/houses in 24 years.
72. I have two kids and have never had a contraction.
71. From age 16-21 I worked for 13 doctors, 2 nurse practitioners, a dentist, a juicer(Zuka Juice), and a mouse.
70. I might go back to school.
69. My favorite comedy movie (right now) is Couple's Retreat.
68. I can still sing all the songs from the Scripture Scouts cd's I had as a kid.
67. My favorite primary song is "If the Savior Stood Beside Me."
65. I have given 1 talk in church in the last 11 years.
64. I had to buy a "youth" bike because my legs were too short for the "women's" bike.
63. I love going to Jazzercise.
62. I would love to travel the world and take pictures and get paid for it.
61. I am the second child of five.
60. I don't want to work in my office even for a short period of time.
59. If I could visit anywhere in the world tomorrow I would go to Rome.
58. I don't like my straight hair but would probably feel the same way of I had curly hair all my life too.
57. I sang my Alma Madar at a school assembly my senior year.
56. I never wish to go back to high school!!!
55. I love so sing really loud in the car.
54. I don't like making my bed but do almost everyday.
53. I still have my very first driver's licence.
52. I love the beach.
51. I want a dog but it has to be little and be fully trained before it lives here.
50. Has anyone ever actually finished this?
49. My wrist is the same size as my 6 years olds.
48. I've had surgery on my eyes twice.
47. I wear a size 5 ring and it's too big.
46. My favorite song out of the hymn book is "Come Follow Me."
45. I love Rascal Flatts. I have all their cd's and all their extra songs you can buy on itunes.
44. I have been reading so much lately I don't think I can pick a favorite book.
43. I love to hear Tanner tell the story of Nephi getting the brass plates from Laban.
42. I have had my ears pierced 4 times and still only have one hole in each lobe.
41. Every now and then I love to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. But only two or three times a year.
40. I like Port of Subs better than Subway.
39. I hate sleeping with socks, but always have cold feet at night.
38. I wear a fragrance called unconditional love
37. I love shoes but have to be sensible now that I am in primary every week.
36. I like the way the Twilight series ended.
35. I only watch the news when Justin turns it on.
34. I would love to be the singing time teacher in primary.
33. I want to buy a piano so I can learn to play it.
32. I would rather watch baseball than play it.
31. How old I will be this year.
30. Growing up I thought everyone got a free Slurpee from 7-11 on my birthday (7-11) in celebration of my birth!!!
29. The age I will claim to be the rest of my life.
28. Number of pairs of shoes I own.
27. I love flip flops.
26. Team Edward not Jacob.
25. Team Jace not Simon.
24. Team Peeta not Gale.
23. Am I done yet?
22. I use Bare essential make up.
21. I love to lay in the sun and get hot and tan.
20. I want a porch swing in my backyard. Or even better a hammock.
19. I saw Wicked in San Francisco and would love to see it again.
18. I never thought I'd say this but my heart is in Primary.
17. I drink a lot of Diet Coke from Sonic.
16. My favorite hamburger is an In-N-Out hamburger with grilled onions.
15. I want to attend a session of general conference with my kids when they are old enough to pay attention the whole time.
14. the story of King Benjamin is my favorite.
13. I will go on the back East trip when Tanner is old enough to go.
12. I want a backyard big enough to have a gigantic pool.
11. I like to roller blade.
10. I'm so glad I only have 9 things left on this list!!!
9. The number of rings I own.
8. Age of my favorite boy in the whole world.
7. I want to live on the beach when we retire.
6. Age of my favorite girl.
5. I want to serve a full time mission with Justin.
4. I have owned 7 cars.
3. I like to color.
2. I love to swing on the swings at the park.
1.I LOVE, LOVE,LOVE, LOVE being a Mom.

A few weeks ago I posted about all my mom's grandkids. Tonight i was editing some of those pictures and came across this one and thought I would share my thoughts about these special people in my life. I'll start with Cristen. Growing up with Cristen was difficult at times but she was always good for a laugh. We shared a room most of our childhood and that I think was the start of many fights. She was messier than me and I was a control freak. But she was always the first to my side when i would cry or just needed backing up. Because we were so close in age as we got older and got into high school is was so great to have my little sister there to eat lunch with and always laugh with. She loves my kids to death and they love her!!! She is the first person I call on a bad day. She listens to me cry, rant and vent about anything and always has great advice even if all she does is burst into laughter. Her laugh is so contagious.

Next is Pollyanna, or as most people know her, Erin. Where to start? Erin was the constant happy in our home. Even now when she comes to visit she is full of joy and excitement over everything. Growing up she decided she was tired of sharing a room so she moved into the closet under the stairs where she slept on the boxes of food storage for a good 6 months or so. I'm not sure why she moved back into her actual room, I guess that is a question for her. She dances with her shopping cart in the store and races with my kids in Target. When I need a creative idea or a poem for primary she whips one or more up and has them in my in box within minutes. She sends random texts that put a smile on my face, even when they are as simple as "any idea how to get outlast lipstick off my kids face? or I love you and thought you needed to know." Most the time those come at just the right moments, like when I'm ranting to Cristen on the phone.

Last but not least is Matthew. The BABY of the family. He was the one when we were all in trouble for something and none of us wanted to cop to it that we would send out to mom to say he did it. Being the baby he hardly got in as much trouble as one of us girls would have. He's been locked outside in his underwear, spent more time in the emergency room with stitches or a broken something than any of us. Matthew is the one we thought we were going to loose when he was so sick and the closest doctor to help him was 8 hours away in Salt Lake City. That was the scariest 48 hours of my life so far!!! Despite being raised by a bunch of girls he has grown into a man who honors his Priesthood and loves his wife. He is a fantastic uncle spending hours playing wii with my kids. I can't talk about Matthew without talking about his wife who I love as if she had grown up my sister! He is a lucky guy to get Lauren in his life and so are we.

Yep, you all should be jealous that these are my siblings and not yours!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Getting back into our routine after track break usually takes us a few days of running around crazy in the morning to get out the door on time. Last Tuesday was one such day. I felt like I needed to get a load of laundry started before we left for school so I loaded up my arms with all the dirty clothes, my cell phone tucked under my arm and socks on my feet. Down the stairs I went and as I got four steps from the bottom all went to !@%&. It was just like a scene out of a movie I'm sure where the actor slips all contents in their hands go flying through the air and the actor is left in a heap at the bottom. of the stairs. I'm made a lot of noise and not second had gone by before both my kids were running down the stairs themselves to see what had happened. I was crying despite trying my very hardest not to and there is my sweet Tanner looking down at me with as much concern as he has in his entire body and he said, "Should I call 911?" I said I was fine and just needed a minute while thinking oh goodness no please don't call 911 I would rather die!
I thought for sure I had at the very least broken my arm but after a few x-rays on Friday morning I found out it is just every bruised and swollen!!! Thank heavens I didn't pass out and wake to find the fire department in my home!
I took these a week after so my arm looks much better than it did a few days ago

Oh how I love to SLIDE!!!

Here we are again at the beginning of yet another exciting baseball season! Tanner is playing on the Red Sox team again with Coach Ryan and Coach Matt. He is doing very well so far. He is hitting the ball more accurately and fielding better as well. He would play baseball all year long if he could he loves it that much. I love to see him out on the field in all his gear it is so cute. My favorite thing though has to be when he plays catcher.
Opening night
Tanner hit the ball and made it to second base nearly missing a tag out by sliding. When the next batter was up Tanner got to third paused a second and headed into home which from this picture I clearly wasn't ready for. He slid into home again barely escaping an out!!!

Justin and Matt are good friends. During our first game Justin text Matt to look up at our camera and the next thing I knew he was on the third base line posing as if for a magazine. Those two are so nutty!!!
Red Sox's biggest fan!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

FIve to go...

Yep, that's right after this one I have five posts to get to my 100th post. Wow I can't believe I have that much to say. Mostly this has been about keeping family member's who are not near us updated on what is going on with the kids and our lives. And since it has been so long since I last sat down at the computer I have a lot to catch you all up on. I'll start with why I have been so busy. As most of you know I am the 1st counselor in the primary presidency in our ward. A few weeks back they called a special meeting for our ward and the mission hills ward to inform us of the changes they were making to the ward boundaries. I was pretty sure we would be losing our 2nd counselor and many of our teachers but was surprised at how it has affected me in other ways. First losing our 2nd counselor sucked because I have gotten to know her and love her! Not having her with us every week feels weird. Second our primary is about half the size we are use to. No excuses now for not knowing all the kids names! Third and for sure the most challenging for me is that their have been many changes when it comes to the people we had serving as teachers and such in primary. My church BFF, as Justin calls us, got moved from our singing time teacher to young women's. I know that this was not done lightly as we both made it very clear how happy we were in primary and how much we loved having her do the music. But in the end the Lord decided that she was needed in young women's. The lesson here for me is that I can't control everything no matter how hard I try. As a side note, when I learned she would be moved I started to think about who I could get to replace her and the first and only person that came to mind was called so welcome to her and you are going a great job!
Dan, Erica, Jenessa and Justin on the boat to Alcatraz.
Justin and Dan in jail at Alcatraz
Jenessa and Erica. Notice we are not in the cells. We left that to the boys.
Dan and Justin in Chinatown. We can't take those two anywhere!
With summer time just around the corner Justin and I decided to finally so to San Francisco with our friends Dan and Erica. We had a blast!!! Even sitting here looking through the pictures I am laughing out loud by myself. We walked the Wharf, watched Wicked which was AWESOME, visited Alcatraz, and ate a lot of great food. This was the first time I remember being in San Francisco had I can't wait to go back. Above are s few pictures of our quick trip.

We have also started baseball season and I will post details and pictures in the next few days since it is now time to go pick up Tanner from school, get home work done, get to baseball practice and make it to my meeting on time tonight.