Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Madisen's update

Well since I'm so behind I decided to update one kid at a time. I'll start with of course, "ladies first". We went to Disneyland back in December and Madisen, being my thrill seeker, was so excited that she was finally tall enough to ride the California Screamer. It was the first ride we headed to and she and her dad took her first ride together. Tanner was "absolutely not getting on that thing" but after some persuasion he decided not to be out done by his baby sister and now it is both of their favorite ride.
Madisen and Justin on her very first ride on the California Screamer
She played soccer after taking a season off and rocked it!!! She is the best keeper on her team and only had 2 goals scored on her the whole season.
Once a year the Massula Children's Theatre comes to our town and puts on a production in just a week. This year they did "King Aurthur's Quest". It was so cute. Madisen played mini Merlin and was hysterical. She has found her calling. She loves the stage and is currently working on her song for the talent show audition next week at school.

As I mentioned in the previous post (months ago) Madisen got very special gift for her birthday this year. I arranged an all girls trip to Disneyland and her and Shayna had a blast. Erica and I did too!!! We met Minnie Mouse and all the princesses. They got their faces painted and wore matching t-shirts and pajamas. They kept saying all day girls rule and boys drool. So fun!!!
Shayna, me, Madisen and Erica
"Finally I get my face painted! This is the best day of my life!"

Madisen is growing so fast. I can't believe my sweet baby is 7 years old. She is such a joy and delight in our home. I love having her to brighten our home and keep us laughing.