Saturday, December 12, 2009

A few pictures of our house in New Harmony

This is one of the bedrooms (i think) but as you can see we had to rip out all the old drywall which revealed abode walls. It looked way worse than this. At one point I just went back and sat in the car because I was freaking out that it would never be livable.
The siding on the house was peeling off and had not been updated in probably 40 years. As they pulled up the floor Justin found old newspapers from the 1930's, that they used as insulation, under 7 different linoleum.

These pictures aren't great since Justin took them with his camera on his phone but you can get the basic idea that it went from bad to worse to AWESOME! The kitchen is not very big but it gets the job done. Well, so far, the microwave is great. We haven't used anything else.
This is the final outside picture!! A few months ago Justin drove his little brother, nephew and brother in law up to lay the sprinkler system and grass. It looks great and smelled even better.

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The1stdaughter said...

What an adorable little house! It's the perfect size for a great getaway and your hubby did a fabulous job on the remodeling! Way to go! Just lovely.