Thursday, January 21, 2010

Walt Disney World

Like the two years past Justin and I have gone on a "work trip" with our friends the Terry's. This year we went to Walt Disney World. It was so COLD!!! We arrived on a Friday night and when we landed the pilot announced it was 31 degrees outside. It stayed that cold for the next two days and by day three we were thrilled to see the 40's. From there it got progressively warmer everyday until Friday when it was 65 degrees as we boarded our airplane to fly home to a week of wind and rain and cold here at home. We had a blast despite the cold weather. Below are a few pictures from our adult only trip to the happiest place on earth!
We spent a lot of time at Disney Quest which is a huge arcade in Downtown Disney because it was so cold. This is a picture if us entering the Pirates of the Caribbean game. This was a blast. We put on the 3D glasses and had to shoot down the ships and buildings with the skulls on them to achieve the highest ranking of Masters of the Sea, which we reached 4 times!!! This is me and Justin inside out hotel the Polynesian at Walt Disney World.
This is Joe and Leslie at Hollywood Studios.

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The Pea said...

How sis I miss this, it has been up forever! Al of my friends say you have to do Disney with no kids sometime! It looks like it was great! I can't wait to see you tomorrow!