Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm such and looser!

SO much has been going on the past few months since my last post I'm not even sure if i should back up or just pick up where we are in our everyday lives...?
Christmas was great! Madisen got a super cute vanity and Tanner got a Nintendo DSi XL. They were both very happy and I'm happy to say they are still just as excited about them three months later. We had dinner at our house that night where the kids played games upstairs while the adults played Taboo where once again the girls won the boys!!!
January found us a bit restless and looking for a weekend away from the city and work so we headed to our cabin in New Harmony over a long weekend. We went to the tubing park in Brianhead and had a blast. The weather couldn't have been better. It was warm enough to melt the snow on the tubing lanes so they were faster to ride down. The kids were giggling and having so much fun as we raced down for hours.
February was suppose to be just a normal month. Madisen turned 7 on the first, (I took her to Disneyland with a friend just the girls but that needs it's own post to follow soon), Justin turned 33 on the 9th, then came Valentine's Day which we celebrated with a fantastic dinner at the Eiffel Tower restaurant and we bought a new house. I will post pictures in a few days after we get the kids rooms painted.
Tanner started another season of baseball with Little League and Madisen is playing soccer. They both just participated in a play with the Missoula Children's Theatre this past week so to say they are busy is an under statement. We are so blessed to be healthy and happy and hope you all are too!


Gilbert Ranch said...
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Miss said...

Haha! Sorry---that deleted comment was me, signed into my ward account! LOL. Don't feel too bad about catching up though Ness. It happens to us all. I love the photo of you and Justin here. You can totally see how you two are still madly in love...with eachother! :)