Saturday, June 4, 2011

These are the hands

These are the hands that were in the circle the day I was blessed at only a few weeks old while surrounded by the power of the priesthood and was given a name and a blessing, There hands held mine as I said my last good byes to my brother and father at the tender age of 5. These are the hands that baptized me and confirmed me a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints when I turned 8. These are the hands that pointed at the back yard when I was sick and home from school while saying, "I guess we will have to just take ya in the backyard an shoot ya. That is the only cure for hybobalobis." These are the hands that would hold mine while walking into a daddy/daughter activity while missing my dad the most. These are the hands that set up cones and taught me how to parallel park a car because my mom didn't know how to. These are the hands of my chosen witness when I got married in the Las Vegas temple for all time and eternity. These are the hands that held my children and oodled at them when they were just infants, who tickled them as toddlers and clapped at every "performance" in their living room at every visit to great Grandpa's house. These are the hands that gave me strength when I thought I couldn't go on. And these are the hands I will miss dearly until we meet again in heaven because these hands are sealed to me for all eternity. Families are FOREVER!!! And for that I am truly thankful tonight, for tonight I have one more angel in heaven watching over me. I love you Grandpa!!!


Kat said...

Beautiful Janessa! Love you, Kathryn

Cristen said...

Amazing!! I love you!!

Trent & Lindz said...

I love it! And I love you!

Mike and Julie said...

What an amazing beautiful heartfelt message about your sweet grandpa.

Nicole said...

Sorry about your grandpa. That was a beautiful post.

gonzo39 said...

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