Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 2- Sightseeing in Prague

Jenessa, Leslie, Briton and Melinda in the hotel getting ready to leave for the day

The Municipal Building
The Powder Tower
Joe and Leslie

Jenessa, Joe, Leslie, Melinda and Briton. Joe says that the way they knew we were Americans is because every time you us we were standing in the middle of the walk way blocking the sidewalks with ourselves and umbrellas.
Jenessa, Leslie, Briton and Melinda at Charles Bridge with Prague Castle in the back round
Justin and Joe wanted to film a scavenger hunt of unusual things we stumbled across and it started day one while we were walking to find something to eat and saw two guys shooting up crack on the steps of a building in the middle of a busy sidewalk. As to not be too obvious they were filming them Justin turned the camera on Joe and Joe began to talk like a news reporter doing a story. So the rest of the trip they started and end the day with a "take" and added things that were interesting throughout the rest of the day. Justin's video is actually very good and will be on our website soon. I will post the website address when I get it posted.

Well here we are day two in the Czech Republic. We stayed in Prague to see the sights there and had a blast. We all woke up late so we got started about 11am. We visited the Municipal Building, The Powder Tower and did a little shopping in an open market in Old Town(i think).

The Municipal Building is where they use to hold meeting and court but has since been turned into a museum. When it was being renovated the government wanted the old columns which were damaged during their civil war replaced and the people objected. So if you look closely you can see white dings in all the columns which show where they were hit by bullets or canons.

The Powder Tower was used for years as the place where they loaded bullets and canons with gun powder thus earning it the name the Powder Tower.

Also we stumbled into Charles Bridge that night and took a few pictures of Prague Castle despite the rain that was drizzling on us. Joe and Justin wrapped up taping the closing broadcast  for the days events and we walked back to the hotel and played Jungle Speed until we were delirious with exhaustion and I was getting slap happy. I was laughing so hard at nothing by myself and missed my sisters. They would have laughed with me at nothing!!!


The Pea said...

Glad to see all of the sights, I can't wait to see the video. (maybe not the crack head)

Bryan and Moriya Olsen said...

So jealous! Can't wait to hear more about your trip!