Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's that time again!

SPORTS!!! The kids started playing again a couple of weeks ago, but this time Tanner has chosen to play Little League instead of soccer. He is a rookie this year and is playing on the Red Socks team.  

So I am learning a whole new set of rules and cheering to "keep your eye on the ball" instead of "get that ball." At least on Thursday nights. He is catching on faster than he ever did in soccer and he loves it. He is on a team with a couple of boys from our ward which is good. He is so hard on himself if he strikes out. He hangs his head and comes into the dugout disappointed but his team mates a very supportive as well as his coaches. We will just work harder and he will get better with every game.
Come Saturday morning it is off to the soccer field with Madisen who again this season is a super star on the field. She is a natural. Last week she was about 5 feet from the goal, dribbled with her right foot and slammed it into the goal with her left foot. She was so excited and her coach about fell over that she scored using her left foot from that far away. She is playing with a friend from our ward too named Brinley and I love that. They will hopefully be great friends forever if we as their parents have anything to do with it. 

Madisen our little "RUFF RYDER"

They are so fun to watch. It is the greatest thing for a parent to see their kids develop self confidence and make great friends who share the same beliefs and morals that we work so hard to teach them. I love having a few families with kids our kids age who we can socialize with and know that the conversation and activities will be some that we would approve of.

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The Pea said...

SO fun, I swear i am not crying... ok I am A little!! (a lot)