Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Weekend

Easter egg hunt at Aunt Crista's

Coloring eggs
That Easter Bunny must be pretty tall to hide all these eggs up high

In their Sunday best they look like little angels
I don't know what happened with the weird circle of light around Tanner's head. I will have to redo his pictures next Sunday and pretend they are from Easter.
Of course she is striking a pose. Madisen becomes such a ham as soon as the camera is on her!

Well as with every holiday we were busy this weekend. Saturday we went to our ward breakfast at 8am. I now most of you are thinking 'wow 8am for the ward breakfast. I am surprised you even went.' To be completely honest I am way to antisocial to go at all no matter what the time but being in the primary presidency and helping organize the Easter egg hunt for our quarterly activity obligated me to attend. The kids had a blast making their little bags and socializing with their classmates outside of sharing/singing time. 
Next on the list was to get the rest of what we need to make spinach dip and cook the ham to take to the family Easter dinner. We went to Crista's house where we ate delicious food and the kids played outside for hours and had another egg hunt. 
We came home and it was time to color our eggs for the Easter bunny to hide. Tanner had a Star Wars Clone Wars kit while Madisen got the glitter kit. They were so fun this year. We didn't need to help them every step of the way but instead got to sit back and let them do their thing. Tanner had an egg that looked like plant earth and Madisen was thrilled with the glitter.
Finally it was time for bed considering I had been going at full speed since 5:45 in the morning.

Sunday morning brought Tanner into our room at 6am and i was able to convince him to let Madisen sleep until 7am so that she wouldn't be too grumpy the rest of the day. He woke her the second the clock changed to 7 and we went down stairs to see if the Easter bunny had come. They hunted for eggs and sorted through their baskets discovering the "potty putty", Nintendo DS games and sour watermelon candies. We ate pancakes for breakfast and got ready for church. Primary was great! My kids came home so excited to teach me about the resurrection and how much Jesus loves us. Madisen told me the Easter story using the handout she made in class and Tanner was very touched by the movie we watched in sharing time. That afternoon we went to my Mom's for dinner with Cristen and Bobby and their boys where, yep you guessed it, they had another Easter egg hunt. This one I think was their favorite because all their eggs were filled with money!


weavers said...

Maddisen's dress looks so cute! Good pick! Your kids look so nice all dressed up! Looks like a fun weekend!

The Pea said...

Leave it to mom to outdo us all with money! She sent my kids easter card with dollar bills in them. THey look so cute and happy! I miss you all somuch. I can't wait to be closer to you guys!