Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Music

So I got a call from my mom yesterday and she said, "you have to change the music on your blog." At first I thought what is wrong with the music on my blog? I choose good clean music and always have. However, it turns our that she listens to the music while at work. So, Mom, if there is something you don't like let me know and will change it for your listening pleasure!!


The Pea said...

That is so funny!!!

S'mee said...

ok first I was scrolling very fast on my Google reader to try and find a specific item, then I see my sister in law! I thought "Hey Lori!" then "Lori and a bunch of kids!" (scroll back scroll back scroll back!) anywho, hilarious, you gotta love that you can writes a blog plus provide office music!

Two, Two, Two things in one!