Saturday, May 30, 2009

My funny kid!

Tanner is on track break this week. The other day we went shopping to get a few t-shirts and a couple pair of shorts for summer and he chose all his own clothes. It was a little scary for me to let him loose since i am a total control freak about what my kids look like in public. And Erin thanks me for this since she gets all my super awesome hand-me-downs. Anyway he came over to me in the girls department all excited and holding a pair of plaid shorts with a t-shirt that actually matched and two other t-shirts that had these two sayings on them, "Dad thinks he's in charge" and Sorry girls, Mom says no dating." How funny is that?!! Oh and the the plaid shorts and t-shirts were on the manikin.

We went to dinner the other night at Marie Calanders. When we were all finished and walking out to the car I notice Tanner had some french fries in his hand. I thought he just grabbed a few off his plate as we walked away from the table. he stuck them in his mouth and we continued walking to the car, which I had parked really far away for who knows why, and I look back behind me to checked that the kids were still close and Tanner had more french fries in his hand and is eating them. Come to find out he had put all the fries left on his plate in his pockets!!

Yesterday he was in the office and I could here him playing with a bag and couldn't remember shat I had in there is a bag but just let that go because he wasn't in my face telling me for the millionth time he was bored. a few minutes later me emerged in a toilet paper bag, the size you get from Costco. He jumped in it toward me dropped to his knees and tucked his entire body into the bag. I can't believe he can fit.

I love that kid!! He keeps me laughing all the time.

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