Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ALOHA!!! (Almost)

Let the countdown begin!!! That's right after about 7 months of planning we are only a few days away from a much need vacation to Hawaii!!! This time we are taking the kids and have so many fun things planned. I will post pictures when we get back and fill you all in on the details. But for now I have lots to clean and pack! (I wish you all could see me, I can't stop smiling!)


Nicole said...

I know I don't need to say it, but HAVE FUN!!! Totally jealous!

The Pea said...

So fun!! I have to tell you this story. Michael came up to me yesterday and told me that Tanner was able to get some lava into a cup and give it to his friend last time you all went. So I want you to know I will be expecting Lava in a dixie cup when you get back. I told Michael TAnner was telling him a tall tale and He said "No mom Tanner is bigger than me it is a true story!!" SO SO FUNNY

Have Fun, ad watch out for Lava.

Thatcher Family said...

Much needed?? Hello, how many vacations do you NEED?? :P I wish I got as many as I needed!!! LOL