Thursday, July 2, 2009

Heading to L.A.

This is the kids throwing darts to pop the balloons to win their "super awesome prizes" The three grown men in front of them went away empty handed and dazzled by Madisen popping two of her four balloons and Tanner coming away with three out of four popped! Yes they are that cool!!!

Me, Tanner and Madisen on the pier 

Well the time had come to gather our belongings a head out to L.A. where we would spend the night in a hotel room and fly out the next day to start our 7 days in Hawaii. Sunday morning we loaded our suitcases, yes there were alot of them, into the car and we headed out tho what we thought would be four and half maybe five hours in the car if we didn't have to stop more than once. Well things didn't really work out that way. About 15 minutes from Baker, CA we parked on the highway for about an hour and a half while the California highway patrol cleaned and cleared away a car accident. My kids thought it was really cool to see a helicopter land on the street and then take off again. Needless to say the 4-5 hours turned into 7 1/2. We finally got to L.A. and got checked into the pretty scary hotel room for the night. The kids having been in the car all day were restless so we drove a few minutes to Santa Monica Pier where they kicked butt on the dart game and came home with really "super awesome" prizes. We had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen which was really good and then it was off to bed because we had one more day of traveling before we reached our final destination of Kauai, Hawaii. 

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The Pea said...

So fun (except for the scary hotel) can't wait to hear about the rest!