Monday, August 24, 2009

First day of school, first day of school

Well here we go again. Last year Madisen went to the preschool program at the elementry school as a peer mentor in the autism class. She was gone five days a week all day. So this year you would think she wouldn't be all that excited to go to kindergarden since she is only half day. You would be wrong!!! She was so excited this morning to go to her class. She got up and got right into the tub and didn't complain even once about how long her hair was taking. She went outside and was waiting for me in the backyard to take first day of school pictures. We walked Tanner down to his line and she ran to her class from there. It was so fun to see her excitement.
Tanner was super excited this year because he has been waiting for third grade so that he can play on the bigger playground. This year his teacher is Mrs. Bresnaham and he is in class with a couple of kids from our ward which is awesome!!! He is very excited to learn cursive and division. Thanks goodness our friend Joni is also a third grade teacher at a different school and will be around to help me with Tanner's homework.


The Pea said...

Is her hair corn rolled!!! GOOD JOB mom!! They look great!!

Jenessa said...

Why yes it is!!! I can do Utah hair!! That is what Madisen has told everyone who has said how cute it is.

Thatcher family said...

Hey! Maybe Tanner will have a chance at getting "green" tickets now! :P