Monday, September 21, 2009

A very special day!!!

Last week we scheduled Tanner's baptism interview with the bishop. He asked all the standard questions and Tanner gave all the standard answers until Bishop asked him about the word of wisdom. When asked if her knew what is was he answer no, so the Bishop explained and he then remembered we had talked about it. Their dialog on this subject went like this
Bishop: "So are you suppose to take harmful drugs, or smoke or drink alcohol?"
Tanner: "No"
Bishop: "Why not?"
Tanner: "Because I'm only a child!!"
a few days later...

It is Saturday morning and the kids woke up super early full of excitement. Tanner came into my room and jumped up on the bed, gave me a huge hug, and with a grin as wide as he could get it said, "Mom it's my baptism day." We readied the house for the lunch we were having after the baptism, showered and dressed. Tanner teased his little sister and kicked her in the process to which he had this to say "it's okay that will be washed away in a couple of hours." All I could do was laugh. A few minutes before we left Tanner received the special gift he had been asking about all week...his very own scriptures!!
Off to the church we went to pick out his clothes and get prepared for the big event.
Tanner with Mom before changing into his white clothes.
Here he is all dressed in white and looking angelic. He sat quietly and listened to the talks and the music. He was the first to head to the font where he was at last baptized. While I was helping him straighten his tie I asked how he felt he grinned and said "great, but dad bonked my head on the bottom of the baptism tub." That's right folks we were only doing it once.
We had all our family over for lunch and cake and ice cream. The kids ran around and the grown ups talked. Tanner blew out his candles like a pro with no spit. Thanks to my friend Leslie who made the cake which Tanner loved. And a special thanks to all of you who came near and far to be with us on Tanner's special day!!! He felt so loved and supported.


S'mee said...

Such an awesome post! Congratulations to Tanner! Thanks so much for sharing all the fun. : )

Thatcher Family said...

How cool is that! What a great memory! Cool cake too...think she can make one in 3 years and bring it here to AZ? ;) Congrats Tanner!

Nicole said...

So cool. Isn't it so neat to watch your kids take such a big important step? Are you guys doing a sport right now?

weavers said...

Congrats Tanner!! I wish I would have known, we would have been there. He looks SO handsome! :)