Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tanner...when did you grow up?

Tanner...where do I start? He is the light of my life and cute to boot. He started 4th grade this year and thinks he is so cool because he gets to play on the bigger playground now. His favorite thing at school is P.E. and his least favorite is art. He turned 9 a few weeks ago and we took him and some friends to Pole Position Raceway to celebrate. (actually we felt like crap parents because we were in Puerto Rico for his actual birthday so we bought his love and affection with a super awesome birthday party prior to going.) It was a blast the kids were so cute. I have never seen them so serious in my life. They drove with white knuckles clutching tight to the wheels and straight faces and exploded with excitement as they exited the course. Lastly for Tanner he is playing flag football this season instead for soccer. He seems to really like it. He plays offense and is actually pretty good. Being fast on his feet and little seems to be working to his advantage.

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