Monday, February 15, 2010

Lori's Grandkids

Erin was hear a couple of weeks ago and the kids were inseparable during the hours they were awake. It doesn't happen very much that they are all together but when it does it's a blast. We spent an afternoon together at the park where I think is where they had the most fun. Sadly with Michael traveling with his dad he is the only grandchild not included in the pictures below.
Grandma got a warm and very excited welcome as she joined us at the park.
Little Jordan
Clockwise- Tanner, Madisen, Benjamin, Jordan, Jacob and Ora
Abbigail is the youngest until either Cristen or Lauren give a new one.
Ora, she is almost 5
Benjamin, age 4
Jacob, age 3
Madisen age 6
Tanner is the oldest at age 8


The Pea said...

You need to send me these pictures!!

A Sharing Heart said...

They are sooooo cute. I bet grandma has a wonderful time with those sweet grandchildren. Did I say sweet, probably not always but they are sure cute.

Nicole said...

We love cousins around here too! So which of these little kiddos are Erin's? The only one I know for sure is Ora.

Cristen said...

I ditto Erins Comment, you need to make us a disk! Thanks for taking great pictures.

Jenessa said...

Erin's kids are Jordan, Ora and Abbigail

Trent and Lindz said...

Such cute kids! How fun to get them all togeher. You're mom must love it!