Tuesday, March 23, 2010

FIve to go...

Yep, that's right after this one I have five posts to get to my 100th post. Wow I can't believe I have that much to say. Mostly this has been about keeping family member's who are not near us updated on what is going on with the kids and our lives. And since it has been so long since I last sat down at the computer I have a lot to catch you all up on. I'll start with why I have been so busy. As most of you know I am the 1st counselor in the primary presidency in our ward. A few weeks back they called a special meeting for our ward and the mission hills ward to inform us of the changes they were making to the ward boundaries. I was pretty sure we would be losing our 2nd counselor and many of our teachers but was surprised at how it has affected me in other ways. First losing our 2nd counselor sucked because I have gotten to know her and love her! Not having her with us every week feels weird. Second our primary is about half the size we are use to. No excuses now for not knowing all the kids names! Third and for sure the most challenging for me is that their have been many changes when it comes to the people we had serving as teachers and such in primary. My church BFF, as Justin calls us, got moved from our singing time teacher to young women's. I know that this was not done lightly as we both made it very clear how happy we were in primary and how much we loved having her do the music. But in the end the Lord decided that she was needed in young women's. The lesson here for me is that I can't control everything no matter how hard I try. As a side note, when I learned she would be moved I started to think about who I could get to replace her and the first and only person that came to mind was called so welcome to her and you are going a great job!
Dan, Erica, Jenessa and Justin on the boat to Alcatraz.
Justin and Dan in jail at Alcatraz
Jenessa and Erica. Notice we are not in the cells. We left that to the boys.
Dan and Justin in Chinatown. We can't take those two anywhere!
With summer time just around the corner Justin and I decided to finally so to San Francisco with our friends Dan and Erica. We had a blast!!! Even sitting here looking through the pictures I am laughing out loud by myself. We walked the Wharf, watched Wicked which was AWESOME, visited Alcatraz, and ate a lot of great food. This was the first time I remember being in San Francisco had I can't wait to go back. Above are s few pictures of our quick trip.

We have also started baseball season and I will post details and pictures in the next few days since it is now time to go pick up Tanner from school, get home work done, get to baseball practice and make it to my meeting on time tonight.


Thatcher family said...

Yep, changes in primary are sooo hard. Seems that's all we have as a constant, change. ;) If you're feeling lonely in your primary, you can come be a counselor for me--we have 150+ kids and we just got split! :P

weavers said...

SF is our favorite city!!! I knew you guys would love it!