Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Living with Madisen

Madisen is my angel. We wanted a girl so bad when I found out I was pregnant because we already had a boy. She keeps us laughing and our toes all the time. We bought the kids new bikes since they had both out grown theirs and we were riding the other day along a bike trail near our home when all of the sudden Madisen we off her bike and sliding on her belly and forehead. How she did this I still don't know it was the oddest thing. Still I ask how are you riding a bike and scrap your forehead? Only Madisen could do this! This afternoon she has had a couple of funny conversations I thought I would share.

Madisen-Mom girls have girlfriends.
Me-Yep girls call their friends girlfriends but boys don't call their friends boyfriends.
Madisen-Nope they call them brothers
Me-Where did you learn that?

A few minutes later as we are watching Dancing With The Stars...
Madisen-She isn't covering her back. Why don't these girls cover their backs. I hate that.
Me-Nope she isn't
a few dancers later...
Madisen -SHE'S COVERING HER BACK!!! Now that's what we like to see. Vote for her!

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Bryan and Moriya Olsen said...

What a girl! That is so cute...She is very perseptive isn't she!