Friday, March 26, 2010

My 100th post!

100. My middle name is Dawn.
99. I love my jazzercise instructor.
98. Winter in my favorite time of year.
97. The year I graduated from high school.
96. My favorite color is purple.
95. I say the word pissed even though I know it bugs my mom.
94. I love the rice for El Torito. (a restaurant near our house)
93. My bike is purple.
92. My eyes are brown like my Dad's.
91. I want to skydive but only in Hawaii where it would be worth it.
90. I hate my floor plan in my house.
89. I'm grateful for my house even though I hate my floor plan.
88. I want a weekend car.
87. I would repaint my house every year just for the change.
86. I have one crooked tooth that bugs the crap out of me.
85. I am obsessed with having clean floors.
84. Cap'n Crunch is my treat when I'm on a diet.
83. I hate going to the dentist!!!
82. I hate getting my teeth cleaned!!!
81. I use to hate my nose until I realized it looks just like my Dad's. Now I hope nothing ever happens to it.
80. I have a big forehead.
79. The year I was born.
78. I love boots.
77. In high school I was the girl who was going to have 6 kids in 6 years! YIKES!!!
76. I fell in love with Justin at first sight!
75. I was in President Hinkley's ward while he was prophet. Although I never met him.
74. I think this is very hard.
73. I lived in 15 different places/houses in 24 years.
72. I have two kids and have never had a contraction.
71. From age 16-21 I worked for 13 doctors, 2 nurse practitioners, a dentist, a juicer(Zuka Juice), and a mouse.
70. I might go back to school.
69. My favorite comedy movie (right now) is Couple's Retreat.
68. I can still sing all the songs from the Scripture Scouts cd's I had as a kid.
67. My favorite primary song is "If the Savior Stood Beside Me."
65. I have given 1 talk in church in the last 11 years.
64. I had to buy a "youth" bike because my legs were too short for the "women's" bike.
63. I love going to Jazzercise.
62. I would love to travel the world and take pictures and get paid for it.
61. I am the second child of five.
60. I don't want to work in my office even for a short period of time.
59. If I could visit anywhere in the world tomorrow I would go to Rome.
58. I don't like my straight hair but would probably feel the same way of I had curly hair all my life too.
57. I sang my Alma Madar at a school assembly my senior year.
56. I never wish to go back to high school!!!
55. I love so sing really loud in the car.
54. I don't like making my bed but do almost everyday.
53. I still have my very first driver's licence.
52. I love the beach.
51. I want a dog but it has to be little and be fully trained before it lives here.
50. Has anyone ever actually finished this?
49. My wrist is the same size as my 6 years olds.
48. I've had surgery on my eyes twice.
47. I wear a size 5 ring and it's too big.
46. My favorite song out of the hymn book is "Come Follow Me."
45. I love Rascal Flatts. I have all their cd's and all their extra songs you can buy on itunes.
44. I have been reading so much lately I don't think I can pick a favorite book.
43. I love to hear Tanner tell the story of Nephi getting the brass plates from Laban.
42. I have had my ears pierced 4 times and still only have one hole in each lobe.
41. Every now and then I love to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. But only two or three times a year.
40. I like Port of Subs better than Subway.
39. I hate sleeping with socks, but always have cold feet at night.
38. I wear a fragrance called unconditional love
37. I love shoes but have to be sensible now that I am in primary every week.
36. I like the way the Twilight series ended.
35. I only watch the news when Justin turns it on.
34. I would love to be the singing time teacher in primary.
33. I want to buy a piano so I can learn to play it.
32. I would rather watch baseball than play it.
31. How old I will be this year.
30. Growing up I thought everyone got a free Slurpee from 7-11 on my birthday (7-11) in celebration of my birth!!!
29. The age I will claim to be the rest of my life.
28. Number of pairs of shoes I own.
27. I love flip flops.
26. Team Edward not Jacob.
25. Team Jace not Simon.
24. Team Peeta not Gale.
23. Am I done yet?
22. I use Bare essential make up.
21. I love to lay in the sun and get hot and tan.
20. I want a porch swing in my backyard. Or even better a hammock.
19. I saw Wicked in San Francisco and would love to see it again.
18. I never thought I'd say this but my heart is in Primary.
17. I drink a lot of Diet Coke from Sonic.
16. My favorite hamburger is an In-N-Out hamburger with grilled onions.
15. I want to attend a session of general conference with my kids when they are old enough to pay attention the whole time.
14. the story of King Benjamin is my favorite.
13. I will go on the back East trip when Tanner is old enough to go.
12. I want a backyard big enough to have a gigantic pool.
11. I like to roller blade.
10. I'm so glad I only have 9 things left on this list!!!
9. The number of rings I own.
8. Age of my favorite boy in the whole world.
7. I want to live on the beach when we retire.
6. Age of my favorite girl.
5. I want to serve a full time mission with Justin.
4. I have owned 7 cars.
3. I like to color.
2. I love to swing on the swings at the park.
1.I LOVE, LOVE,LOVE, LOVE being a Mom.


The1stdaughter said...

Can I just say Yay! You're Team Peeta, Jace and Edward! Wohoo! My kinda girl! Love it.

PS...did you know my sons name is Jace? We named him before I knew the books existed, but it's still pretty cool I think. :o)

Thatcher family said...

Love Your Post!! Now, I feel kinda silly I didn't do this, nor do I know who Jace and Simon are?? I knew the other two? Enlighten! I want to read them too! :)

Nicole said...

That was awesome! Totally with you on Team Edward and Peeta(even though Gale is great)but who the heck are Jace and Simon? And Subway is WAY better than port of subs...sorry.
Now tell me more about this theater. How in the world did you rent out a whole theater? How many tickets do you have left and how much are they? That is enough questions for now. If you want to e-mail me you can p.s.We needed a sub at bunco the other night and I thought about calling but wasn't sure you'd be into it, but we are really fun!

Nicole said...

p.s.s. we are 1 month and 1 day're older:)

The Pea said...

So fun! I did this once and I did the same thing...wondered whenit would ever end!