Monday, July 5, 2010

Pyro Fever

Sticking with my summer fever theme, it's hit us again! Justin and Matt have had this "pyro fever" for a few years now and I think it may be genetic because Tanner seems to have been born with it. And it is extremely contagious especially among males. Symptoms include a: 1.heightened interested, to the point of obsession with fireworks.
2. the inability to think rationally around fireworks.
3. the loss of all common sense or awareness of a budget while shopping for fireworks.
4. the urge to hold a welding torch as if his hand will actually fall off if you put it down when fireworks are within 50 miles of the patient.
5. Lastly, a huge case of Peter Pan syndrome that last until the last firework is set off. This one however has consequences of it's own. Watch carefully for the repeated jumping up and down immediately following their show followed by a sadness that can only be consoled by the promise that the 3rd of July will come around next year!
(To view a short video of the show click on the weaver writes link on my blog list at the left.)

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Janine said...

janessa I totally blog stalked you but this is hilarious. I LOVE the symptoms. It was a great show they did a good job. Each year gets better.