Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation

We survived! It was touch an go some days but after going to school all day long, five days a week,switching to half day kindergarten was a big adjustment for both myself and Madisen. Her program was so cute. They sang songs about the ABC's, money and friends and ended with Proud to be an American. She got up the morning of the program and said to me, "I might get a little emotional today. You know when we sing that song about the soldier's. Because they really did die for us. And it's a rally big day today. And I cried when we practiced." So I waited an watched to see what would happen. She had been practicing all week and was ready to go on stage. She smiled and sang her little heart out and made it through the soldier's song just fine. When I asked her if she made it through without getting "emotional" she responded, "Of course I was I stage so I held it together."
Below is a picture of Madisen on the last day of school after a trip to the dentist. She officially chews like a cow because the poor girl has no teeth!

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