Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New way to bond

This is what happens when Justin takes the kids out for an evening with Dad. They come home with a new something. This time it was a gum ball machine for Madisen's room and a R/C car for Tanner. After putting the car together and charging the battery out we all went to drive it. Justin loved driving this thing so much the next day he came home with one for himself. After charging his and Tanner's batteries out we went again to drive/race them. Both the boys were having so much fun that giving Madisen a turn was very hard for them. SOOO the next day in walks Justin from work carrying, you guessed it, a car for Madisen. They love them!!! Madisen is the most cautious so she wins most of the races though by default, because the boys flip their cars in the middle of the race giving her a chance to pass them and win. It is so fun to watch them all play together.
Setting up for a race.
This is the first day they came home with Tanner's car. As you can see Justin is hogging the remote which is why he need the kids to have their own cars.
Oh yes, this is what I do while they play...take pictures.


Nicole said...

I'm so glad you put this on here. Where did the cars come from. Do you care if I ask how much there are? Braydon is wanting either a RC car or a camera for his birthday. If your family loves these, then I should probably go get him one. Wait, I think he wants a 4-wheeler. Oh well, if the cars are awesome then he'll be happy!

Jenessa said...

There is a hobby store on Tropicana and Boulder Hwy. in the Albertson's shopping center. That is where we got the kids cars. I think they were about $150.00 after he bought the extra longer lasting batteries, but I's not 100% sure on that. The kids love them and beg to go out everyday. Tanner has a 4-wheeler too and he has already planned with his car longer than he has spent riding on his 4-wheeler.

The Pea said...

So fun! That's what Michael wants for his b-day too!

Will you send me a copy of that cloud picture I want to put it in my house!