Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cabin fever, I think we've got it!!!

All that know me know that I am truly a desert rat. I love the heat, sun, sand and surf. But...after a bit of convincing we headed up the mountain to give some winter sports a try and I have to say I'm hooked!!!  Have nice accommodations is where is starts. A bed, nice warm fire, hot shower at the end of the day, great friends and of course, s'mores! The kids took to skiing like a fish to water. They have no fear and were flying down the mountain after a few hours in ski school. I decided to snowboard and that can be compared to a fish on land. I crashed and burned for hours and finally made it down the hill with the my assistants Justin and Matt. The next weekend I decided to ski which was much easier. Justin was shredding on his new snowboard like a pro after couple of days practicing. We had a blast and can't wait to go again.
 Tanner and Madisen eagerly waiting to hit the slopes
 Tanner at the end of day one of ski school. He learned to keep his all his equipment on after crashing without his gloves.
 Family picture 
 Justin and Matt...brothers from another mother!!!
 Justin and Me...I was crying under those sunglasses because I had just wiped out and my ego was bruised.
Scott, Tanner, Madisen and Drew at the end of the day ready to get warmed up and eat some s'mores.


Jiamin said...

I've always envied people who get to step on the snow. I wish it snows in my country! :\ said...

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