Sunday, October 25, 2009

Playing catch up

Time is something that gets away from all of us but lately it seems it is sprinting by and I can't catch up!!! I am the first counselor in the primary so I am over the primary program for the year. I am NOT complaining because my other choice is scouts which, let's face it, is not for me. Our program was last week so the last four weeks have been a blur of parts, seating charts, name tags, pizza, ice cream, soccer , school and the thing that helps keep me sane, Jazzercise. I am happy to have this years over and will start working on next years much sooner. That is me.

The kids are still playing soccer and loving it. Justin has started bribing them to play harder with money. Tanner gets $5 for every assist to a goal and $25 for every goal. While Madisen gets a dollar for an assist and $5 a goal. We have had to pay Tanner $5 and Madisen is trying really hard but has yet to "profit" from her game. We will see what happens next week.

Tanner is so cute on the field! He is playing so well this season. It is so fun to watch him and the rest of the boys as they really "get it." Madisen had team pictures this week which turned out super cute. The girls all had their hair done and were so excited thinking we had no practice that night. Of course their coach had them practicing after pictures but they managed to have a great time. Below is a picture of Madiesn with her BFF on the team. They both lost their teeth the same week and were so happy to share that magical moment.I posted a couple of weeks ago that Madisen lost her first tooth. A few days later she wanted me to check her other teeth to see if any more were loose and they were not. She got sad because she likes the tooth fairy to come. The very next day she came running an screaming down the stairs that her "tooth was coming out and there is so much blood!!!" I was sure she had just bit her tongue or her lip but as I got closer and checked it was true her tooth was coming out. After twisting and pulling and more screaming it was out. When I asked her how it got so loose in one day she said, "it wasn't loose. I fell and hit my face on the desk in the toy room and then there was a lot of blood and my tooth was turned backwards!!!"
Last but not least, I love the fall. The decorations are out and so are the jeans and boots!!! WE took the kids to the pumpkin patch/carnival on Friday night. It was way ghetto but the kids had so much fun so I guess that is what counts. I HATE Halloween so costume shopping is not fun for me. I put on a happy face and get dragged from store to store as we search out the perfect costume. Tanner's is super cute and so is Madisen's. I will post pictures after Halloween!!!

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