Friday, October 30, 2009

Who says the kids get to have all the fun

We were invited to an adults Halloween/Birthday party for a friend. The invitation encouraged us to wear costumes which I haven't done since I was probably 11 years old. It took a few trips to several costume stores to find something that was approptiate to wear in public. As the pictures show I was a witch along with my sis-in-law. Justin was DOG the Bounty Hunter and Scott was Officer Dangle from the show Reno 911. We played pictionary, and a few other games and munched on goodies before retuning home to our little goblins.
Justin and Jenessa
Jusitn, Jenessa, LeAnn, Scott


Nicole said...

Jenessa, you and your sister in law look cute. But I am sorry to say that the boys costumes kicked butt! They are both hilarious!!!

The Pea said...

OH!!!! I have no words!!