Thursday, October 8, 2009

Simple Math

Picture 1 +
Picture 2 =
her first visit from the tooth fairy!!!


Thatcher Family said...

Did she lose 2 teeth at once?! Wow! Yeah for Madison! Brooke lost her first tooth last month too but hasn't seen the fairy since then.

PS. Don't tell her Madison got $5. Wow! Your fairy is RICH. :p

Jenessa said...

She actually only lost one tooth. The space on the top is from that piece of skin that holds your lip to your gums. It is growing between her two front teeth and will have to be cut after she looses those two teeth. Tanner had it too and after we had it cut everything came together better

The Pea said...

Yeah for Maddi, I know she was so excited to loose that tooth!!! Michael is wondering when his will fall out and if it will hurt too bad? You will have to have her call him now that she is so experienced