Sunday, May 16, 2010

Playing catch up...again

So things have been a little crazy the last few weeks. This post will be a little long but feel free to just look at the pictures. That's the fun part anyway.

A few weeks ago my sister in law got married. We had a great time at the wedding. The kids looked super cute and danced the night away. When it was time to go they were actually happy to leave and were asleep before I got up the stairs to tuck them in.
Madisen dancing at the wedding.
My little man isn't so little any more. He was antsy waiting for the wedding to start since we got there an hour early. I found him watching the players golf. He is so CUTE!!!
Madisen loved her dress. She posed for about 5 minutes. I just think this one is so cute. She was so serious and trying to "act like a model."

Tanner LOVES the YMCA dance. Here he is as one of the Village People during his favorite dance of the night.

There have been a lot of changes in our ward so our Pinewood Derby kept getting pushed back. The day finally came and the boys were more than ready to see how their cars stacked up to their friends. Tanner's car did well falling right in the middle of the pack. All in all the boys had a fantastic time and so did we!!!

The car is finally finished. Tanner was so funny saying, " I might not win but my car looks gooooood."
Dad and Tanner adding the clear coat to make his car shine.

Hey batter batter!!! The official Little League season is over and we are now playing in the tournament. They won their first game yesterday and will play again this week. Tanner played so well. His first up to bat he hit a triple and I freaked out. He could have turned it into a home run because he is super fast but our third base coach stopped him on third. His second up to bat he got a double!

Dad helping Tanner get on his catcher gear.

Last but not least we have big news. NO I'm not pregnant, I got my tubes tied Monday so we are officially done having babies. The decision has been made for along time but I made it permanent a week ago. We love our kids and feel such a huge responsibility to raise them right in this crazy and sometimes scary world. We are so blessed to have healthy, happy, funny, smart, (I could go on and on), kids. Thanks to Cristen for having another baby so my kids can get their baby feel.


Nicole said...

Fun stuff! We aren't done with baseball games yet. Maybe the older boys have more teams or something. And Tanners car did look gooood!

Derby Monkey said...

Congrats to Tanner for building a super cool looking Pinewood Derby car. Keep up the good work!