Friday, May 21, 2010


Yesterday was our second tournament game and we played the Angels. The last time we played them we got our booties kicked but last night was a totally different story. the kids played great! It was one of the most exciting games i have watched. The Angels are one of the better teams so the kids were nervous about playing. The last inning ended and we had won by 2. The umpire however said there was still a minute left on the clock and started another inning. The Angles rallied and got 5 runs. We were up to bat, had scored one run and needed one to tie and two to win. There were two boys on base and only one out and the umpire called the game due to time. Thinking we had lost I was so mad. But turns out we did win. The rules state that if the game goes over more than 1 hour 45 minutes then they take the score from the last inning. The best part of the night however is that my bot hit his first ever HOMERUN!!!!

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Nicole said...

Yeah Tanner! Our game ended last night with us up to bat, bases loaded, a pitcher who was really struggling, 2 outs, and a tied score. We only needed one run to win and the ump called the game due to time. Dang!