Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Hallows Eve is not my favorite holiday. When I was younger we would go to Disneyland which I loved because I didn't have to dress up or hand out candy. Everyone said when you have kids your attitude will change. It didn't...until this year. Although I still don't love it this year was much more fun than years past. Tanner came home from school about 6 weeks ago after his class had been to the library with an idea for a pumpkin. He has been so excited about it and had swore Madisen to secrecy s no one else would steal his idea. A pumpkin snowman. We bought a bunch of pumpkins last week and on Friday night got to carving them. Tanner and Justin worked on his while I carved Madisen's. Tanner was so proud of his snowman.
The kids always get to clean out the guts!
Madisen and Tanner with their pumpkin snowman and their "family" as Madisen called them.

For the last three years Grandma DeMille has called the kids and invited them to come over and make caramel apples at her house. I, as a neat freak mom, appreciate this. They go over, unwrap the caramels, help stir it on the stove and dip the apples all the while getting very sticky. So thanks mom for keeping the mess at your house and just sending home the yummy apples!!!

Grandma and Madisen

Finding costume that isn't too young or too gross for boys is hard! We went three or four costume shops and looked on line for about a week before realizing we would have to come up with something ourselves. Tanner kept telling us he wanted to be a hippy but all the hippy costumes you could buy were too girly and cheap so we set out constructing our own. I found the pants on line at Children's Place while looking at clothes for Madisen. The great thing about them is that now Tanner is done with them they are going in Madisen's closet since they wear the same size. The rest we found at various costume stores. He was thrilled and I think he looks great!

Madisen's costume took about five minutes. It was on sale and she was happy!

I love this picture!!! She looks so cute with her little black nose.

Tanner in his wig!!

So, I may not have been completely converted yet I am less of a Halloween grump this year than in the last 15.

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The Pea said...

That is so fun! I will admit I got sad when I saw the carmel apples. Glad you are being converted!!