Saturday, November 21, 2009

Go ahead and laugh at me

So my car was so dirty and out by my sister Cristen's house is my favorite drive thru car wash. It's the one that power sprays everything instead of scrubbing the car with already very dirty fabric brushes. Anyway the kids were in the back seat and teasing me about opening the doors in the middle of the wash and I let my OCD take over and I started checking and rechecking that the windows and the doors and finally the sunroof were really closed. Right before entering I pushed the closed arrows on the sunroof and pulled in. The car wash starts the kids squeal and pretend to open the doors while I am yelling "don't even think about it. That' so not funny!!" While turned around I feel drops of water hit my leg. I turn around to discover that there is water dripping off the "oh crap" bar. I happen to have a towel from the day before's workout so I grab it and wrap it around the bar and notice that there is also water dripping from the bar on the other side of the car as well. So now I am panicking thinking that my car is broken and leaking all over. I am going to have to buy a new car because I can;t drive a car the won't keep the rain out. The car wash is still running and all the sudden it is literally raining on the front seat of the car. I am drying as fast as I can with my two hand towels all the while thinking "I am going to have to buy a new car!!!" Finally the car was his over and we are pulling out. I think if I get out and dry the roof maybe we can make it home without getting totally soaked. So I pull up and get out to discover the sunroof is vented open!!! I can't open the sunroof unless the sliding inside roof thingy is open so it never occurred to me that the vent could be open without the inside roof thingy open. IT CAN!!! So all I got was a wet car when I thought I would have a new car!

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