Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We'd like to introduce...

Speedy and Tank!!! Justin called this morning and asked me to bring the kids down to the office because he had a surprise for them. About 6 weeks ago he came home and told me he had talked to a guy and was going to bring home turtles within the next couple of weeks for the kids. I was less than thrilled since he had just made the decision on his own without taking any of my feelings into consideration. A couple of weeks came and went and I just thought that the deal had fallen through. I was wrong! it just took a little longer than they thought. As you can see we do have turtles. I have to say that thought I was less that happy about the idea of them I already love them as do the kids.
This one is hers and she is already saying "come to mommy" when she holds her.

Madisen and Speedy

Tanner and Tank

Tanner's hand looks huge next to this little guy.

This one is Speedy. I had to mark him with a sharpie so we could tell them apart.


The Pea said...

I am so happy for you guys. We are getting turtles as soon as we can they are the most fun!!! And heck they will live as long as you do!

Jonesing for my kiddo's said...

As far as pets go, turtles are the way to go!! :) We have one and I only wish my kids would be as easy as Dude is!!