Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bobbing for Apples, Really?!

For Tanner's birthday party this year he had a hard time grasping that we weren't going to do a big expensive party with all his friends. We did that last year and it was fun but we decided that it wouldn't be an every year thing. Once he finally came to terms with this he came to me and said "Can I at least invite Scott and bob for apples?" I thought for a minute and replied sure, while thinking "bob for apples, really that is so random." This conversation took place about 4 weeks before his birthday so I thought for sure he would forget about the bobbing for apples. But sure enough the day before his party he asked if I was prepared for bobbing for apples. Which of course I was not. I ran out bought a container, which I needed anyway, and some apples. I got home and about 20 minutes before all his cousins were suppose to get her I thought do all apples float? So I did a quick test in the sink and yes they do all float. I gathered all the kids in the backyard and they bobbed for apples and it was hilarious!!! Who would have thought that watching our kids stick their heads in a bucket full of water and apple would be so entertaining. Madisen would barely put her face in, Tanner had his whole body in the bucket, as did all the other boys and my niece Sterling used just her teeth and grabbed one by the stem managing to stay dry and get an apple. SO if you thought the time old tradition of bobbing for apples was long gone just know it was kept alive in our home for Tanner's 7th birthday!


The Pea said...

How fun is that!!!!

shinbou said...

You get the cool mom award. That looks like a blast. I am sorry and not sorry that I missed it. Sorry cause it looks hilarious but I think my kids would have drowned trying. kinda like Spencer.