Monday, September 29, 2008

Madisen's funny weekend

Saturday we got a babysitter to go to the UNLV/UNR game. Alexa was babysitting and my kids were so excited. I am only telling you this to set up the conversation that came later with Madisen. Justin asked what Alexa's brother's name was and then what another friend of theirs kids were named and they are Troy and Rhianna. Anyway none of this really matter's except that Madisen then said 
Madi- "Troy is in High school Musical."
Mom- "Yes he is"
Madisen-"I wonder if Troy knows how to sing Getcha ya Head in the Game?"
Mom- "I doubt it." 
Madisen-" I'm gonna ask him next time I see him. " 
Mom "OK"
So today if we see him after school I am interested to she if she really does ask Troy in our ward if he knows and will sing "Getcha ya Head in the Game." 

Next day was Sunday and we were running late to church. we get out of the car and Justin says he will take the kids to primary if I go and get a seat in class. Madisen runs up to grab my hand and sit with me in sacrament meeting and Justin tells her we are just going to primary and she joyfully exclaims, "Tanner we aren't going to the reverent and sit still room today. This is the best day ever!!! Mom did you hear that no reverent room today. This really is the best day ever!"  Tanner just rolls his eyes and tells her to be quite please.


Thatcher Family said...

HIL-freakin-LARIOUS. Too funny. Man, it's too bad we live so far away. Wanna fly down here to go see HSM3 with me? ;) That's so funny about the reverent room. Do you guys call it that or was that her own concoction?

Jenessa said...

That was her own thought. I guess we tell her to be reverent alot

Tara said...

That is so hilarious! I would like to be there when she asks Troy if he can sing "getcha head in the game" are so funny

The Pea said...

How funny is she, I wonder what my kids would say in that situation?? They come up with the weirdest stuff!