Friday, September 12, 2008

Soccer Saturday

Well another week had gone by and we are facing another busy Saturday. Don't get me wrong this is one of the best things we as parents get to do. Tanner has been playing soccer now for three years which gives him 6 seasons. this year, however, is a bit different. HE WANTS THE BALL!!! Finally. He his going for it. He want to score or play goalie so the other team can't score. It's awesome. He has always just stood back and kicked the ball when he had to but this season he is all over the place. He did great last week in there first game defending the goal three times and almost scoring once. We one 2-1.

Madisen is a different story altogether. Your see when you are four and on a team of all girls it is first about how cute you are. Next it is about the cheer you do before you start and end the game. Last it is about playing soccer. When they weren't high 5-ing  each other she scored 4 goals and we won that game 11-4.


The Pea said...

How cute are they, and her pink ball!!!

Mandi said...

What a busy life you have. She is a cutie.

Lisa M. said...

Pea gave me the directions here.

What a handsome boy you have.

Soccer is so fun.

I have really enjoyed my children figuring out their talents. It's so fun.

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