Sunday, September 21, 2008

Today was church

Today was the primary program at church and my kids were adorable! Now I know that I think that simply because they are mine and I'm not saying that there weren't other kids that were cute, but mine took the cake. For one Madisen is a Sunbeam and that alone makes her cute. They sit on the front row and can't be still despite how hard they are trying. But the Sunbeams didn't have individual parts this year. They sang the first verse of " I Love To See The Temple" which would have made me cry regardless but Madisen was the only one to sing and the microphone was right in front of her. I cried like a baby to hear those sweet, simple words coming from my baby girl with such purity. My heart melted and so did my make up. Next up was Tanner who got up after the 11 year old boys sang "Called To Serve" and each of the boys in his class were given a one liner about how they can be or prepare to be a missionary now. Tanner was having a hard time remembering the first word to his part so I wrote it on his hand at the last minute. As he stood in line waiting for his turn at the microphone I could see him looking at his hand a mouthing the word "living" so as to not forget "living the gospel standards will help me be a missionary now." As soon as he was done he looked at me as if we had this huge secret as to how he did it perfectly. I was so proud of them and all the children in our ward. They brought such a wonderful sweet powerful spirit today and we are all better for being there and feeling there testimonies.

Then as I went to Relief Society I felt so good. I got my cry out and was ready to sit and listen to the lesson. But the flood gates flew open as for our music appreciation song we sang "If I Could Hie To Kolob." Now you would think with my Dad and brother living in heaven this would be a hard song for me to sing but that isn't why it was hard and I actually had to leave the room. Normally this is a very uplifting and inspiring song that gives be renewed strength to try hard to live with them in heaven but this past July a my very dear friend, named Sean, died at the age of 29 when despite his best efforts and all our prayers his body lost it's battle with cancer. He was sick for a very long time, so long in fact that he planned is own funeral. He picked the speakers, music and even some of the flowers had special meanings. His closing song was "If I Could Hie To Kolob." This was his last testimony to all of us that love him who are left behind to miss him here on earth. Every time I think of that song now I think of him and miss him and remember some of his last words he spoke here on earth. Every time someone would come into his room those last few days he would ask how they were doing. Here he is, probably in a considerable amount of pain worried about everyone else. His dad replied that he was fine and asked how Sean was doing, he said "Dad I'm great. I know who I am. I know where I am going and I know I am worthy to go there." There is no better testimony to give than that. He lived his life worthy to live with our Savior Jesus Christ and he knew it.

I feel so blessed today to have felt the spirit and testimony of those worthy to live with our Father in Heaven. I hope that we will all strive to be more like our children with there simple testimonies and pure hearts. Wiggles and all!


The Pea said...

I have been dreading the day we sing that song at church!!!

you kids ARE the cutest. And I am not just saying that because mine were not there!!!

shinbou said...

Thanks. I wish I could have seen your kids they are so cute,

The week after Sean died was the lesson on Death in relief society and I got to be in nursery. But Bobby came and took me out to go becuase he knew I was having a hard time and thought I need some inspiration. It was a good lesson and I sat in the back with out commenting and then we went to sing the closing song and it was taht song. Thats when I lost it and Ithink Bobby regretted his desicion. I was weepy all day.

Anonymous said...

Amazing post!! Thanks. Our primary program was today also..

Thatcher Family said...

Love the post Ness. Very inspiring. I so look forward to our primary program for that same reason. I've been missing that "touch" for a little while (my fault for being distracted by my wiggles sitting next to me). Yet, I felt the Spirit while I read your post. Thanks for posting that. :)