Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stay at home Mom?

I will start out the same as everyone else and introduce myself and my family since that is what I do all day is a take care of my family. I am Jenessa a stay at home mom of two great kids Tanner and Madisen and wife to a husband named Justin. Now as you read above I typed stay at home mom which any of you with kids know that is not usually the case. Who actually gets to stay at home? We have soccer, two different teams with two different practices days and times. Karate twice and week. Softball games for my husband twice and week and soccer for my husband. Jazzercise for me twice a week not to mention all the chores and grocery shopping and class projects and blah blah blah that comes up everyday. So I think that someone more creative than me should give us stay at home moms a new more glamorous name.


shinbou said...

Welcome to the world of the bloggers. Yet, another way for us to stay in touch. Even though we live ten minutes from each other.

The Pea said...

HOw happy I am to be here. I am on it I will have a new name for you shortly!!