Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's official

For the past year I have loved our new ward. I got called to be a visiting teaching supervisor when we first got moved into the Arrowhead Ward and have enjoyed it. I love going to gospel doctrine, and being in Relief Society. I feel as though I had found my comfort zone. NOTICE THE PAST TENSE USED IN THE ABOVE SENTENCE. On Tuesday I got home from picking Tanner up from karate and Justin had a smirk on his face. He held up the phone and said "guess who called?"I shrugged and he said Brother Dow wanted to meet with us that night if possible. From the look on Justin's face I immediately knew that it was for me not him, he was way too relaxed. My mom was coming for dinner anyways so she stayed a few extra minutes while we went to the church. Brother Dow sat me down in the chair and called me to be the 1st counselor in the primary presidency. I reluctantly accepted and headed home where I cried for a good hour or so. Today, however, I woke up feeling better and ready to be sustained and get started. I feel very overwhelmed but sitting in that room listening to those sweet voices sing the old presidency's favorite songs I began to have a change of heart and thinking that I had better pay attention and learn whatever it is I have been put in there to learn. I am excited to get to know the sister's that I am serving with. They all seem to be ready to serve and they, unlike me, have done this before. So here I go jumping in feet first. I hope they have really big life boat for me and all my inadequacies. 


The Pea said...

You are going to be great!!! I know it, you have so many wonderful talents to share with those kids.

Thanks for the updates and hey if you need somewhere for those older clothes to go I am always here!!

S'mee said...

The year before I got married I was called to work in Primary. It was in the middle of the week back then, but I stayed in Primary and had every calling except nursery, for over twenty years. (My favourite was chorister...seriously fun)

I bounced back and forth between the stake and the ward and then one day they put me into the YW! Now I am in the RS (who knew?)

I still feel the very best teachers should be in Primary and the very best music people too. I am prejudiced! I heard a General President once in person and she gave the best advice:

"Go home tonight and give thanks you are with the freshest and cleanest of Spirits. Pray that you will never be released. And know, above all else, that the first years of life are the most important. If you can establish a testimony and teach the children to recognize the Spirit, then they will not stray as a youth or adult."

She also pointed out that because [now] we have more converts than BICs, that many adult leaders have never had a childhood Primary experience. Those leaders will depend on those of [us] who did and remember how Primary should *feel*. Primary should *feel* like safety and love at all times.

I can think of no one better to love those little kids and who can teach/lead them better than you? Have fun and enjoy your new calling! I am so jealous!

Vegas Gronnings said...

You are going to be great in Primary. Those kids are blessed to have you, Moriya, Staci and Annie with them each Sunday!

Thatcher Family said...

What are you so worried about?!! ;)

A Sharing Heart said...

imary is wonderful! Children are so eager to learn and they have so much to give. You will love being in Primary. You will do a great job. It doesn't matter where we serve as long as we seek the spirit we will suceed.

Don't give up on Relief Society you are still needed there and they need you.

Trent and Lindz said...

You are going to be great in there! You have nothing to worry about because the Lord put you there. He's not gonna throw you in there alone. He'll be there to get you through it and do what you're needed to do. Have fun!

The Pea said...

I was just thinking, I get to have this baby before twilight comes out, I'm not sure why that makes me happy???

shinbou said...

you have been tagged. Go look at my blog to find out.