Thursday, October 9, 2008


Well in case you were wondering what happened to me I will tell you. Tanner started track break on Friday. We have been so busy since then that this is the first second I have had to post anything on my blog so get ready for update overload.

Friday we were busy setting up for a surprise party for my dear friend Kelli who turned 30! It was so fun. We had lots of food and a chocolate fountain, several different cakes and my kids spent the night at my moms. Quick funny story from that night...Friday morning we hired window washers to come and wash the inside, outside, and all the screens. With fake grass now in our backyard we decided it would be worth it to hire someone to get the hard water and calcium off the windows since everything I tried hadn't worked. Well they did a great job, so great in fact that three different people actually walked into the sliding glass door when heading into the house. It was so funny!!! But the best part is that the second and third person to walk into the door had laughed at the person or people that had done it before them.

Saturday as you all know is soccer Saturday at our house. We literally spend that entire day at the soccer field watching the kids. It is exhausting. But last Saturday was also Art in the Park in Boulder City which I have been going to since I was 12 years old. I don't think I have ever missed one except maybe when I was living Salt Lake City. Even then I probably drove home for the weekend to go. Anyway, Justin being the wonderful man that he is did soccer Saturday all alone. Both games, both kids. Back and forth to the soccer fields so that I could go to Art in the Park with my mom and sister. 

Sunday we spent the day with the kids watching what conference we could hear between the mom I'm hungries and the play with me's, and the watch what I can do's. The kids played outside long enough for me to hear President Monson speak and then it was back to "mom" blah blah blah after that. That is what the pictures are from above, there adventures in the backyard on Sunday morning.

Monday started the preparations for Justin's hunting trip for the weekend. Now are you thinking why would this take all week. Well I will tell you. Tanner is going with him for the first time and I am freaking out!!! On top of my normal crazy mom things, the weather is suppose to be freezing. We had to find a coat and hat and gloves. Jeans, boots, snacks and since Tanner couldn't wait we through in the search for a Halloween costume as well. But tomorrow they leave Madisen goes to school and may hit the spa for a massage.

One a personal note I started going to jazzercise about six weeks ago two days a week. It was kicking my booty up until about two weeks ago when I decided that I was going to start going four days a week in stead of just two. This was my first week of all four classes and I am so sore. But with pain comes reward, I have lost alot of weight in the past eight weeks and am working hard to loose the last 15-20 pounds. i can't wait to reach my goal and eat ice cream again. In moderation of course.


shinbou said...

You are HOTT- HOT. You're a rock star. and my inspiration. So good reason to be sore. Tanner will be fine. There is only one person in the world that is more protective than you and that is Justin. He will not let him get hurt. Enjoy the time with Madisen.

The Pea said...

I can't wait to see just how Hot you are!!
My brain just lost everything else I wanted to comment about ( I think Abby ate it) Oh well, thanks for the update!!

Thatcher Family said...

Great update Ness! How fun Tanner is going on his first hunting trip. Can't tell ya how excited Andrew will be to take Scott for the first time...or even Brooke! Definitely enjoy that time with "the one" while you have it. I so enjoy that one on one time I have, especially cuz it's not much right now. Who knows what will happen next year when Brooke starts school; I don't know how Scott will deal!