Friday, October 17, 2008

So much to catch up on. Tanner has been on track break now for the past two weeks and he is loving it. Last weekend he went hunting with Justin for the first time ever and I was a mess!!! He was so excited. We spent a full day finding clothes warm enough to go to up the mountain in. It was really hard to find a coat in Las Vegas warm enough for the snow. Plus gloves, a scarf, and all the bright orange money could buy. He had a blast!!! They shot a small deer Sunday morning and headed home later that afternoon. Tanner had fun shooting at cans with a .22 and playing in the snow. But I think his favorite thing about the entire weekend was seeing the look on my face when me brought in the horns from the deer and told Madisen and me about the brains that were still on the underside of the horns. NASTY!!!

While the boys were gone Madisen was the princess. We went to fantastic Friday with my mom to make a magnet board for Madisen's room which she got to paint. They had a class on party planning and Madisen made out like a bandit with all the loot she brought home. They had cookies, cupcakes, flavored popcorn, and chocolate suckers. She was the only kid there and so super cute she took home one or two of everything. We went shopping where she bought new dresses, jeans shoes, and a few shirts. I know, she's very spoiled. But the weather did turn cold for a few days so it was time to update the wardrobe. Both my kids sprouted up this past year so they had no clothes. We even went to get ice cream on Saturday when the high temperature was 53 degrees. 

Madisen is thriving in school. She comes home everyday with a new song about a different shape color and number. This past week was the color brown and the shape trapezoid. She started to sing the trapezoid song in the car yesterday and it cracked Justin and I up because we never thought that our 4 year old would ever say trapezoid. It was really funny. She knows how to write about 10-12 letters and knows their sounds. She is gonna be so far ahead in kindergarten. Her teachers are great and she is growing more responsible everyday. She has always been the baby and she is growing up so much and I love to see her thrive. 

Tanner is getting so much one on one time and he loves it. He gets to go lunch with Justin and me, he loves the grocery store because he gets to pick dinner which I love because then I don't have to plan dinner. Tonight we went to the mall to buy a few more clothes for the colder months and Tanner got to climb the rock wall at Dick's Sporting Goods. He has been asking for about a year to climb it and was so happy that it was open tonight. He is so responsible especially when it comes to helping Madisen. He will get her breakfast in the morning if we are running late. He helps her pick her clothes and get her shoes on and he checks her backpack everyday to make sure I haven't forgotten to put her lunch in there. He is the best big brother and she adores him. Nothing in the world could make me more happy than to watch my kids love each other.

Well that about wraps it up here. I am off to tuck my kids into bed and crash myself. 

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Thatcher Family said...

Sounds like everyone had a great break! How fun. That's so sweet about how he takes such good care of Madisen. Sometimes...I see that with Brooke. But, funny enough, she's MUCH better with little babies, and there's none of that goin' on here, so oh well. She's stuck with her little bro and will have to deal. :P Sounds like you guys are having a blast though!