Sunday, October 26, 2008

Name and Meaning: Madisen means daughter of Matthew. But that isn't why we named her that. After she was born I was really sick. We had two names to choose from, Madisen and Kenna. My mom was had been with me all day as people came in and out to visit. She said "she really needs a name" and I told her to choose one and she said "i don't really like Kenna" I said fine and then threw up again.

 : 4 years 10 months

Nicknames : Madi Jeanne, Sassy, and bug

Favorite Activities : Singing, dancing, playing soccer

Favorite Foods: Chicken nuggets, Mac and Cheese, Brownies and ice cream

Least Favorite Foods : Anything good for you. 

Favorite Music : High School Musical, I Love To See The Temple, and Life Is A Highway by Rascal Flatts

Favorite Toys : The Pig, her name is Piggy

Favorite Book : Tails

Favorite Item of Clothing : Silky Jammies

What Makes Her Happy : Everything. Anything we do that she really likes turns into the "best day ever"

What Makes Her Sad : Not sharing, Tanner not wanting to play even though he has been dressing her dolls for her for the last hour and a half.


The Pea said...

I never knew why you named her, that is so freakin funny! (don't tell mom I said freakin) Man I miss your kids!

shinbou said...

I was thinking exactly what PEA said so Ditto.

The Cavalieri Family said...

Janessa, how are you guys? It sounds like your good. You are in arrowhead ward now? I gotta tell ya, I FIRMLY believe that 1st counselor in the primary is the very BEST calling in the whole church!!! You get to do the funnest things and not have the stress of the president. I just left that calling, and i am totally jealous. Congratulations and have fun!!!