Tuesday, October 28, 2008

On a less crazy girl note...

Well this week marked the end of the kids' soccer season since we will be out of town for their last game. Tanner has loved being the goalie and Madisen is lead striker on her team. I has been fun this season to watch them play. Tanner got the competitive bug this season and it has been fun to see him turn it on on the field. Madisen is just so cute which is what it is all about at four. The girls are like little bees hovered around a pink flower taking turns kicking it. I can't wait for next season. Although it is nice to have a break for practices every week.
This is Madisen's soccer team picture.
Aren't they cute!
Here is Tanner's team picture. They are the H-Town Rebels
What else can I say they are huge goofballs and this day 
they were especially weird.
This is Steve from Justin's team. Steve, Justin,and David(pic below)
went to high school together and are still great friends 12 years and 
5 kids between them later.
David is the team captain. He called about 8 weeks ago and asked if Justin wanted 
to play soccer and of course he said yes.
Here is my man. I wish I had the camera set tot the sports setting so that I could post
pictures of the ball actually going into the net. Justin has scored at almost every game 
and this week was no different. He scored twice this week and loves playing soccer.


The Pea said...

That is a great picture of Justin. You need to frame it for his office. And your kids Oh my gosh Hug them please for me!

A Sharing Heart/Austin Study Group said...

Your kids are so cute,and growing up so fast. Now maybe things will slow down for a little while for you.

Janine said...

O I am so glad you found my blog! I added you guys to mine hope thats ok! Where does Justin play soccer at? Is it a league? I would like to do that! Fill me in!