Monday, January 19, 2009

Growing up too fast

Tanner and Madisen in our backyard. Tanner is 7 and Madisen turns 5 in a couple of weeks.
My sweet princess in the backyard. Getting this picture was hard for us. She was so weird every time I turned the camera on her this day. Finally I literally shook her to get her to relax and this is what I got. She posed herself and everything.  
What more can I say than oh my heck he is handsome!!!

I remember when they were born thinking I can't wait until they can talk, walk, read do all the things that they do now. We spend about year of coaxing these types of things from them. Then on day they take a step without us, read their first book at school, or score their first soccer goal while our back is turned at soccer practice. All the while we beg them to stop growing which they of course laugh off and tell us no. They go from giggling at us as babies to belly laughing at the movies. I guess no matter what we do as parents this will never stop happening. The growing up I mean!  


The Pea said...

Yesterday Ora told us she can't wait to find the man to marry her!! WHAT??
I hate that I am missing them go through these things sometimes. Kiss them forme please!

Jenessa said...

Madisen said today after school " i was walking to lunch and I saw Austin, not the Austin in my class but the Austin that I am in love with." Seriously he is 8!